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Ella is a 29 lb package of energy. She can go, go, go, but has a great off switch. Wherever you are, is where you will find this girl. She is approx 2 years old. She is very bossy and herdy with other dogs. She coexists fine with my pack of five, but she should be properly introduced meeting other dogs. At the dog park her focus is on balls and the frisbee. Aloof to other pups and people. House and doggy door trained. Knows basics, and has the most amazing recall. Ella will need a firm experienced BC handler. Children over 8. She has been tried on sheep and showed some natural balance. Her favorite day is made up of frisbee and the water hose! Super smart little girl!  Ella is spayed and current on vaccinations.
Sassy is a 3 year old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix.  Sassy is current on vaccinations and spayed. Sassy is a smaller girl, maybe 40 lbs.  She is active and would do best with a job to keep her busy.  She is not a good fit for children or cats.  Sassy would probably be best as an only dog or with a male dog for company.  She is very loving to her person.  She can be good with other people but needs to be introduced properly or she can be inclined to sneakily nip at strangers.  She would be good running partner.  Sassy has been waiting a while for just the right home, are you it?
Yukon is a 4 year old Australian Shepherd/Australian Cattledog mix.  So far Yukon has turned out to be a big loving Teddy bear. I can't find much to complain about him. He chases the cats but is not aggressive.  The old story, they run he chases. He is already getting along with my female Cocker Spaniel (she puts him into place if he gets too "close" and my male Chihuahua. He doesn't want to be the Alpha male. He is clearly afraid of my husband but already it is better than yesterday. He barks if someone approaches the house. He loves to be combed and it will be a daily routine.  He flinches when I throw a ball or if he is touched too sudden!. He will regain trust in short time I believe. He has not attempted to jump fences. He is definitely smart and walks on a leash. Even if he pulls hard at the beginning of a walk, he settles in. He says hi (paw)! He just needs a lot of loving touch and he will be such a winner!! He really is a very beautiful dog!!

Mickey is 4 year old Australian Shepherd mix, possibly with Great Pyrenees.  He has beautiful sable coloring and is a sweet soul.  He has a larger size frame and should weigh about 60-65 lbs.  Great with other dogs.  Chases cats.  Very sweet and affectionate but does not like to be roughly handled.  Housetrained.  Neutered and current on vaccinations.  
Ranier is a 3 year old Australian Shepherd.  He hears and sees fine.  He is a larger frame aussie, maybe 50 lbs or just under.  He is active and attentive.  Ranier would do best with an aussie experienced handler.  He is good with most people if introduced correctly, but can get defensive if approached aggressively or abruptly.  He is good with dogs and will be okay with cats that don't run.  Ranier is neutered and current on vaccinations.
Cookie is a 8 year old Border Collie/Labrador Retriever mix.  She is good with kids and cats and fine with dogs that respect her space.  She loves water, toys, and cuddling!  She is an active girl who enjoys hiking and playing in the hose.  She is wild about her ball and loves to play fetch.  Cookie is spayed and current on vaccinations.
Sebastien is a 4 year old Australian Shepherd mix with a tail.  He is housetrained and likes to play with balls and other toys.  Sebastien is a good hiking buddy and while not over the top around the house, can keep up with you for a nice long hike.  He would like to chase horses and cats so would do best without that option.  Sebastien is neutered and current on vaccinations.  Sebastien loves his people but can be pretty protective around strangers so needs a home that understands reactivity and is willing to continue to work with him to manage those behaviors.
 Missy continues to be a happy if somewhat anxious girl. She is fast fast fast and agile. she can retrieve a ball if she has another dog doing same. Recall is okay but not yet 100 percent. She can sit and lie down does okay with wait. Stay is barely in her vocabulary. She is smart and learns quickly. She does well with most other dogs- little grouchy feisty dogs make her nippy.  Missy is very mouthy and may bite at clothing or air nip hands (NO CHILDREN). She need to be carefully watched with new people- the more she likes them the more likely she is to be inappropriate. She settles eventually but is slow to trust.  She is motion sensitive.  She does very poorly with staying down for greetings and wants to perch up on your lap, or on her back legs.  She is generally good at amusing herself, playing by herself or catching flies and moths. It is beautiful to see her run! She hops and leaps she runs and plays! She is a fun girl.  She is not reliable around cats, she will be good one minute and chase the next. She is okay on tie down and kennels reluctantly but settles fine. She walks fairly well on leash but may lunge or try to get you to play leash tug of war (I don't play that game, I ignore until she stops). She wants to be a good girl mostly but does have an impish side. That is both endearing and a bit tedious. She makes dog friends quickly and avoids kids. Overall she is a good dog for an experienced handler who wants a young dog with a bit of an overly mouthy way of communicating. She likes to please and cuddles nicely.
Rook is a fun loving and active dog. He will be a year old on August 1st. His mother is a purebred Border Collie and it is presumed that his father is a Yellow Lab, although he could have some husky. Rook loves to chew on a good bone or go for a jog. He loves to swim and is an amazing companion. Rook knows how to sit, lay, stay, will wait to eat, and is completely kennel trained as well as potty trained. Rook needs a home with a strong/comfortable owner. He does not do well with other dogs and needs to be in a one dog only family. He is incredibly loving and will always stay by your side proud to be your dog.  Rook is neutered and current on vaccinations.
Bailey the Black Lab
Bailey turned 2 in January. She is good with cats. She is a lab mix. She is protective when it comes to new people, but is very friendly after she sees that the new person was accepted by us. My daughter plays with bailey and bailey plays back, bailey loves to play with children, but should go to a home without small children as she likes to nip at heels when there is a high level of activity. Another downfall for bailey would be how she barks/bites at tires. Bailey loves the water, car rides, walks, playing ball and any family activity. Bailey is spayed, house trained and current on vaccinations.
Wrigley is a 4 year old neutered Australian Shepherd with a tail.  Wrigley's disposition is sort of "grumpy old man" mixed with "silly puppy."  He likes going for walks and hanging out, but likes to do things in his own way and at his own pace.  Wrigley would do best in a home with no cats and no children.  Doesn't he look better all cleaned up and groomed?
Ethel is a 3 year old Australian Cattledog.  She comes from a background of being feral so is very special needs and will need a patient person to work with her to build her trust.  She is good with other dogs.  Ethel does require a fenced yard.  She would prefer a home that is quiet and no small children.  Ethel is current on vaccinations and is spayed.
Rose is a 1 year old spayed female Border Collie mix.  She is fairly small, about 40 lbs.  She is very loving and affectionate to her person.  She is housetrained.  Rose will do best with an experienced handler as she is somewhat reactive to strangers and tends to bark at them.  She is also possessive of her person around other dogs.  But she is a fun companion and snuggle buddy.
Razzle is a gorgeous, sweet 6 year old Border Collie.  He is a loving dog that is generally good with other dogs and does okay with cats.  He is good with older children.  Razzle has separation anxiety and would do best in a home where people are home a lot or where he can go with them.  Razzle is neutered and current on vaccinations.
Prancer is about a year and a half years old, stands 21" at the shoulders and weighs 38 lbs. My daughter calls him Prancer because of the way he throws his front feet in the air when he walks, like he's prancing. He's very sweet, loves people, kids and dogs. He loves loves to play and wrestle with other dogs. He's okay with cats. Prancer walks great on a leash and is potty trained. He's really a great cuddler. 
Snowball is an 11 years young spayed Border Collie - She is house trained and loves to play with her squeaky tennis ball - she would love to have a family that would play ball - let her chase water out of the hose (one of her very FAVORITE games) and take her for walks.
Molly is a 5 year old Spaniel/Herding Mix.  She is a sweet, loving girl who would be a great therapy dog.  She is great with kids.  Easy going and mellow.  She does very well going to work on a daily basis.  She does have a little separation anxiety and would do best if crated when left.  Molly is spayed and current on vaccinations.
​Zoey is a pretty 9 month old spayed female border collie.  She likes to play and is high energy.  She has a few vision deficits and some neurological issues which you will notice give her an odd gait.  But don't make the mistake of thinking those will slow her down- all she knows is that she is a border collie and there are things to do and fun to have.  She likes to play with other dogs and does well at the dog park.  Zoey is working on basic commands like come and sit and will need to continue with her training in her new home.  She is crate trained and likes to play in the back yard.  She loves to be gently hugged and will sit and get petted for as long as you are willing.  Zoey needs a home that can work with a high energy special needs puppy and if you are that home she will reward you with lots of love and devotion.
2 year old female red tri color Australian Shepherd.  Good with dogs kids, and cats.  Has a history of fence jumping.  Very sweet dog.
Bailey the Aussie
Bailey is a 4 year old Australian Shepherd.  She lost her home when the family moved off the ranch and into town.  She didn't see the point in staying in the yard when there were so many fun things to do and places to explore.  We are told Bailey is good with dogs, cats, and kids.  She also LOVES to fetch and is exceedingly athletic.  Great agility prospect, running partner, or family dog.
.Born May 18, 2014 in Montana. Mom Darby and her babies arrived HeRD when they were just under two weeks of age. Now at seven weeks of age, they are beginning to develop their own individual personalities. They are confident, social, and 100% pure fun. During the next couple months their personalities will continue to develop. Abby and Fallon are becoming the big cuddle-bugs, Toby is quite adventuresome and likes to explore, Kirby is a little more cautious and takes a little time to get out and about, Emma likes to follow her foster mom and nip at her pant legs, whereas Sophie, Gracie, and Ziggy are somewhere in the middle. They sleep in a big huddle but when they are in the yard they tend to roam, not depending upon one another for support. They all seem to have their mom’s disposition and are extremely sweet. They sleep through the night, eat with gusto, and are working on being house trained. Currently they weigh ~ 7.5 pounds. They will be ready for adoption beginning July 20 when they are eight weeks of age.
Shadow is a little over a year old.  You can tell he is super smart.  He is excited to be in rescue where he can find a home that will take the time to teach him all the great things that border collie types can do.  He already knows a few things like sit and down, but would love to do agility or nosework or some other activity for smart dogs.  Shadow is neutered.
Tanner is a 1 yr. old, 60 lb. Aussie puppy with a personality larger than he is. Tanner is a middle of the pack, happy go lucky, exuberant and playful guy. He would do well in a home that has another four legged sibling to play with and he needs an adult who is committed to exercising him daily. Tanner is crate trained and house broke and is not at all food aggressive. He is wonderful with all other dogs, don't know about cats. He has learned some basic commands - sit, stay, down (most of the time), drop and load up. I would say that his recall is up to about 80% now and improving all the time. He is not too mouthy but does mouth lightly on occasion and he is very gentle about it. If there is a down side to Tanner it would be that he does not have great body mass awareness yet. He is bigger than he thinks he is. He does run into things and people although not nearly as much when he arrived. He is maturing out of that. But, for that reason I would caution a family with small toddlers.
Cassey is a 7 month old Border Collie mix pup.  This inquisitive girl will need an active home that is willing to give her some exercise and training.  She is spayed and current on vaccinations and looking for love.   She is housebroken.  Cassey walks well on the leash 90% of the time and is getting along for the most part with my 2 dogs. They are pretty good at putting her in her place when she is a wild child) She does have a high prey drive and would like nothing better than to hunt bunny rabbits. And the 10% of the time that she does not walk well on leash is due to other dogs - whether they are loose or leashed she is highly reactive.  Cassey crates nicely at night.  She is a chewer but she has not chewed on anything she was not supposed to. She doesn't seem to be a digger and very seldom barks. She prefers to stay home and hang out and is satisfied with 2 or 3 walks a day, she is terrified of the car currently.
Jill is a 7-8 month old Australian Cattledog / Border Collie mix.   She is a very active, inquisitive girl.  She is a petite girl.  She is SO smart.  She loves to wrestle non-stop with her buddy Jack.
Betty is a 4 month old Rez dog pup (rescued from a reservation, mixed breed).  They don't get much cuter than this playful couple.  She is well socialized and has the cutest ears.
Mac is a doll.  He is an Australian Cattledog and is 7-8 years old. Good with dogs and cats.  He is neutered and has shots. Very sweet boy!​  He loves to play fetch with his ball.
Minnie is a sweet 5 year old red tricolor Miniature Australian Shepherd.

Fenn is a 4 month old border collie mix.  He is the complete package- outgoing, smart, and fun.  We would love to see this boy go to an active family or agility/performance home.  
River is a 4 month old border collie mix.  She is described as "the shadow" always right at your side and wanting to be close.  She is a gentle sweet girl.  She is socialized with cats, dogs and people.  She loves to play in the water and cuddle.
Kenzie is an Australian Cattle Dog/Pointer mix. She's about 2 years old.  When we got Kenzie out of the shelter, she was curled in a corner in the back of her kennel.  We went into her kennel and sat there for a minute and she came and crawled in my lap. From there it was easy to work with her.  She's young and high energy but she settles down nicely inside. She's good with cats.  She gets along well with all other dogs and she's good offleash and constantly looks to her person for direction. The major downside to Kenzie is her utter fear of small children. She's terrified of them. I assume she was tormented by them in her former life.  Kenzie won't attack small children. She just sits there and quivers and emits a low growl in the hopes that they'll go away. She's fine in a crate with kids around, but we recommend she goes to a home without small children. 
His name is roscoe he is 3 yrs old. He weighs about 60 lbs. He's a blue heeler Australian Shepard mix. He is current on all his shots and I got him the rattle snake vaccination as well. I am looking to re home him because I moved to town and don't have the time to give him any more because he was not able to come with me. He is neutered. He is leash broke. He will ride in the car great. He is good with other dogs. Doesn't like cats and he's never been around kids. The only time I have had him be aggressive is when a stranger tried to walk on to our deck that was not welcomed by us. He loves to play will fetch a ball. Very playful loves attention. 
Mama dog (adopted)
Sasha is an adorable cattle dog cross, spayed female, about three years old and small, maybe 30 pounds. Sasha has a TON of energy! She is very reward motivated and sensitive, and would be great for agility or any sort of active training work. She is athletic and could achieve whatever you asked her to do. She needs a lot of exercise and structure, but loves to cuddle, crawl in your lap and be hugged. She is extremely smart and gets attached quickly, and is the true example of a velcro dog. It would be hard to lose this girl! She does have protective instincts and would need someone who knows cattle dogs to manage this. She would do best in a home without children, as she can get nippy when excited. Her foster home is on a ranch, and she is doing well around horses and in big spaces off leash. She has excellent recall and basic commands. She is house broken and has never had an accident, does not need to be crated and has not chewed at all. However, she is getting regular exercise and attention, and she certainly would be one we would think might chew if locked in the house all day. She does well with other dogs, but is a big presence because of her exuberance, so would probably intimidate a weaker dog in a house hold or annoy an older dog. This is a really special dog that could be a once in a lifetime dog for someone, but does need the right home to manage her energy and sensitive personality.
3 year old, male pure bred Australian Shepard to someone with a home that has more time for him. He is neutered and up to date on shots, except rabies (has, previously had it, will need booster). Knows sit, stay, down, heel, but is willing to learn more. Has a desire to "work" on a farm or ranch. Great with adults and older children, doesn't realize his own size when around younger children. Loves to play with other dogs, will probably chase cats. Would benefit from having space to run. Doesn't chew on dig.
Buddy is a border collie who is 3 yrs old , male neutered. Unfortunately the family who had him can no longer keep him because of personal issues.  He is a happy go lucky boy that gets along with everyone, including children.  He is okay with cats with supervision but would chase them if given the opportunities.  He has a little old injury on a paw but it doesn't bother him much.  He likes to play with toys.  He is extremely cuddly.  He is reliably housetrained.   If you have an active lifestyle and want a devoted companion, this is your guy.