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Thomas is a border collie/corgi mix.  He is about 7 years old.  He is a character but probably needs an experienced and firm home as he will push limits when permitted.
Wrigley is a neutered 11 year old​ Australian Shepherd with a tail.  He's had a tough past and will need a patient person who is willing to accept his quirks.  He can be very loving and is a handsome boy.  He does have high anxiety and a few behaviors such as pulling on a leash and not tolerating grooming well.

Opie is a very smart, higher energy Border/Aussie mix. He knows verbal and hand commands for come, sit, stay, heel, roll over, back up, bring me your ball “no, the other ball”, he learns commands often after just a couple instructions, and loves to fetch balls and frisbees. He will be your hiking buddy as he loves the trails and is particularly good off leash but will heel when told to. While very anxious to go on walks, he will chill out with you in the evening. He is neutered and up to date on vaccinations. Being a smart active dog, he does best with plenty of exercise and stimulation such as daily walks, instructions, ball chasing, and going for rides.  
Opie endured some rough times before he came into Herd and has made great progress, however, he still has some food aggression, and over- excitement issues to work out with his forever home. But on his walks, he enjoys meeting other people and friendly dogs. At this time, it is recommended that Opie not be in a home with young children. He has gotten used to our cats but is still a little wary of them when they get close. We think he would be best with an active family where he has a job to do and be in the company of his people. He has been diagnosed with Pannus requiring daily drops in his eyes which he takes very well.

Princess is a 2 year old Australian Shepherd/Pyrenees mix.  She has a gorgeous fluffy tail!  Princess may do best in a home with no other dogs as she has some food aggression, but with a little management could be in a home with other dogs as well.  She will need to continue her obedience training and manners in her new home.  She is nervous with new people, but very lovey when she warms up to someone.  This is a girl who wants very much to please and would like to melt your heart with her big puppy-dog eyes.  She likes hikes and lots of treats.
From Dora's current home: We have had Dora for the last five years.  She was about 4 months old when she came to us. 
Dora has many very lovely qualities. She's very nurturing and always keeps an eye on her pack to make sure they are all cared for. She's been excellent with children (we have a two year old daughter), and she's very loving toward all her people. 
The issue we are having is that she started attacking our other female terrier/chihuahua mix shortly before our daughter was born. We have been keeping the dogs separated for the last 3 years. In that time, Dora has lived peacefully with as many as 4 male dogs, all of various breeds, sizes, and ages. While on walks around our neighborhood, Dora is not aggressive when encountering other dogs. In fact, she prefers to avoid other dogs that she meets when we're out and about. She is crate trained, does very well on a leash, and has had some basic obedience training. She has never been exposed to cats so we don't know how she would do with them. She is up to date on all shots, has no known health issues, and just had a dental at the end of February. We think she would do very well in a home as an only dog or with male dogs only. 
​Ranger is a 3 year old Border Collie/Great Pyrenees/Weimeraner/Saluki mix.  He is neutered and weighs about 75-80 lbs.  Ranger is a fairly calm dog who loves hanging out with his person and getting rubs.  He likes going on leashed hikes and soaking in the sun.  Ranger needs a  home with no children.  Due to socialization issues, Ranger needs a home without too much contact with strangers and proper management.
Luna is awesome. She's a 3 yr old, prior owners who got ahold of the shelter told them she's a heeler/husky/aussie/pit mix. She is higher energy. Big fan of people and loves to cuddle. Will bring me her toys to throw all day. I think she'll be a good candidate for a trail running partner. She ran with my roommate today and did great! (Just 2 miles for a start). She does well with other dogs that she knows and lives with but is reactive when she sees unfamiliar dogs. Crates up super easily and loves to ride in the car. I think she's about 45 pounds.  Luna can be obsessive about lights. 
Mac is a 1.5 year old neutered male Australian Kelpie.  He is quite shy and will need a loving, patient, quiet home.  He is good with other dogs.
Deuce is a 2-3 year old Belgian Malinois.  He weighs about 85 lbs.  He has an excellent temperament and we would love to see him go to a sport dog home.  We would prefer a home without cats, but he is good with other dogs.

Jelly Bean and Ms. Peeps
Taylar is a 3-4 year old Australian Cattledog.  She is on the smaller side for her breed.  She loves people!!  Not so much a fan of other dogs, so would do best as an only dog that can have all the treats and petting for herself.  She likes hiking and snuggling!

Squirrel is a 1 year old border collie.  He needs a little work on housetraining and socialization.  He would do best in a home that is very outdoorsy.  Squirrel needs a home with no cats.  Dogs are fine.

From Finn's current owner: "Finn is a Border Collie whom I love dearly. He's about 7 years old and one of the sweetest dogs I've ever known. He's a real dog. He loves camping, hiking, running and being outside. He's also incredibly loyal. He's the type of dog you want with you out in the woods or on a remote backpacking trip.
I found Finn as a 2 - 3 month old puppy while fishing on the Duchesne River in the Uinta mountains. He had a sweet smile on his face, and when I approached him to say hi he lifted his chin, which exposed a gaping wound on his throat. I checked the area to make sure he didn't belong to someone nearby and then took him to the vet to take care of the wound, and what I soon discovered was a nasty flea infestation. My best guess is that Finn's mother was a working dog on one of the nearby ranches, and that she died shortly after she birthed her litter. The ranchers then dumped the litter somewhere they knew they would be found, like the fishing hole where I found him. I believe that the litter then fell prey to a predator in the area, which took a gash out of Finn's neck, as the vet at the time said his neck wound was probably from a bobcat or mountain lion.

Because Finn spent the first few months of his life outdoors and fending for himself, he developed a prey drive towards small animals, namely rabbits, prairie dogs, voles and cats.

Due to changes in my lifestyle, I'm no longer able to provide Finn with the quality of life I know he deserves. 

Finn would do great in a home with an active family or family member and a bit of land for him to run on. He is calm and quiet indoors unless someone comes to the door, then he loves to notify everyone that someone is outside.

Some of Finn's challenges include occasional leash aggression with other dogs, whining in the car when he knows he's going out for a hike / run, occasional barking aggression with unknown people who approach him wearing large coats or carrying large objects (think landscapers). Like any herding dog, he loves any activity that allows him to move. He simply would need a slow introduction to an activity if it involves other people doing it at the same time, like mountain biking or xcountry skiing. When hiking off-leash or running off-leash, he will typically try to head off a mountain bike coming towards you. He is also triggered into barking and chasing by children on skateboards and scooters, though he has never been properly introduced to them. With a proper introduction to people on bikes he successfully overcame the trigger.

With that said, Finn is extremely trainable. With an experienced trainer or someone who has the time to work with him, he can make unbelievable progress as I've seen before.

Finn is a great dog on a leash run, though he will pull for the first few minutes while he's excited. He also does well on both on-leash and off-leash hikes. Occasionally he will wander off farther than might be comfortable when following a scent, though he always comes back.

If you think you could provide Finn with a loving home and a happy, stimulated life, please reach out."
The Outlaw Gang
Wyatt Earp
Jesse James (adoption pending)
Calamity Jane
Cattle Kate
Annie Oakley
Howie is a gorgeous tricolor Australian Shepherd.  He has high anxiety and needs a home that will work with him on his anxiety.  He is fine with cats and is good natured with other dogs (although some herding breeds tend to target him).
Zeb is a great 2 year old smoothcoat border collie.  He has some herding potential and might do well in a hobby herding home.  He is a happy guy that thrives around stable people and a country lifestyle.  He does fine with other dogs but does have some tendency to "herd" other dogs.  He fetches some and is smart enough to have great potential in many activities.  He has successfully lived with 6 cats although proper introduction to new cats is always recommended.