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Sassy is a 3 year old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix.  Sassy is current on vaccinations and spayed. Sassy is a smaller girl, maybe 40 lbs.  She is active and would do best with a job to keep her busy.  She is not a good fit for children or cats.  Sassy would probably be best as an only dog or with a male dog for company.  She is very loving to her person.  She can be good with other people but needs to be introduced properly or she can be inclined to sneakily nip at strangers.  She would be good running partner.  Sassy has been waiting a while for just the right home, are you it?
Yukon is a 4 year old Australian Shepherd/Australian Cattledog mix.  So far Yukon has turned out to be a big loving Teddy bear. I can't find much to complain about him. He chases the cats but is not aggressive.  The old story, they run he chases. He is already getting along with my female Cocker Spaniel (she puts him into place if he gets too "close" and my male Chihuahua. He doesn't want to be the Alpha male. He is clearly afraid of my husband but already it is better than yesterday. He barks if someone approaches the house. He loves to be combed and it will be a daily routine.  He flinches when I throw a ball or if he is touched too sudden!. He will regain trust in short time I believe. He has not attempted to jump fences. He is definitely smart and walks on a leash. Even if he pulls hard at the beginning of a walk, he settles in. He says hi (paw)! He just needs a lot of loving touch and he will be such a winner!! He really is a very beautiful dog!!

Cookie is a 8 year old Border Collie/Labrador Retriever mix.  She is good with kids and cats and fine with dogs that respect her space.  She loves water, toys, and cuddling!  She is an active girl who enjoys hiking and playing in the hose.  She is wild about her ball and loves to play fetch.  Cookie is spayed and current on vaccinations.
Sebastien is a 4 year old Australian Shepherd mix with a tail.  He is housetrained and likes to play with balls and other toys.  Sebastien is a good hiking buddy and while not over the top around the house, can keep up with you for a nice long hike.  He would like to chase horses and cats so would do best without that option.  Sebastien is neutered and current on vaccinations.  Sebastien loves his people but can be pretty protective around strangers so needs a home that is willing to continue to work with him to manage those behaviors.
Rook is a fun loving and active dog. He is 2 years old. His mother is a purebred Border Collie and it is presumed that his father is a Yellow Lab. Rook loves to chew on a good bone or go for a jog. He loves, LOVES, loves to swim and is an amazing companion. Rook also loves to play ball and retrieve.  He would be a good companion for a young single guy. Rook needs a home with a strong/comfortable owner. He does not do well with other dogs and needs to be in a one dog only family. He is incredibly loving and will always stay by your side proud to be your dog.  Rook is neutered and current on vaccinations.
Bailey the Black Lab
Bailey turned 2 in January. She is good with cats. She is a lab mix. She is protective when it comes to new people, but is very friendly after she sees that the new person was accepted by us. My daughter plays with bailey and bailey plays back, bailey loves to play with children, but should go to a home without small children as she likes to nip at heels when there is a high level of activity. Another downfall for bailey would be how she barks/bites at tires. Bailey loves the water, car rides, walks, playing ball and any family activity. Bailey is spayed, house trained and current on vaccinations.
Wrigley is a 4 year old neutered Australian Shepherd with a tail.  Wrigley's disposition is sort of "grumpy old man" mixed with "silly puppy."  He likes going for walks and hanging out, but likes to do things in his own way and at his own pace.  Wrigley would do best in a home with no cats and no children.  Doesn't he look better all cleaned up and groomed?
Rose is a 1 year old spayed female Border Collie mix.  She is fairly small, about 40 lbs.  She is very loving and affectionate to her person.  She is housetrained.  Rose will do best with an experienced handler as she is somewhat reactive to strangers and tends to bark at them.  She is also possessive of her person around other dogs.  But she is a fun companion and snuggle buddy.
Razzle is a gorgeous, sweet 7 year old Border Collie.  He is a loving dog that is generally good with other dogs and does okay with cats.  He is good with older children.  Razzle has separation anxiety and would do best in a home where people are home a lot or where he can go with them.  Razzle is neutered and current on vaccinations.
Prancer is about a year and a half years old, stands 21" at the shoulders and weighs 38 lbs. My daughter calls him Prancer because of the way he throws his front feet in the air when he walks, like he's prancing. He's very sweet, loves people, kids and dogs. He loves loves to play and wrestle with other dogs. He's okay with cats. Prancer walks great on a leash and is potty trained. He's really a great cuddler. 
Brannigan is a 1 to 2 year old neutered male Border Collie. He is currently 35lbs., but may be a bit underweight yet for his frame. He is very handsome with his long, beautiful, full coat. He has much love to give and is always wanting attention and pets and lots of love and cuddles. He probably had never lived in a house and had never had much interaction with people. He is quite shy at first, and is very cautious when being approached. He needs calm, soft spoken, and gentle guidance. He then he warms up quickly and wants lots of attention. He just wants to be loved and wants a fur-ever home and family. He has shown no interest in herding or toys, yet, although he does play tug of war and wrestle with his foster brother (border collie) when he thinks no humans are watching. He personality is still coming out. He wants to please, he is a good boy, and does not want to disappoint anyone. If stressed he will retreat and hide in a closet. He has great house manners and is house broken. He is good in the car, but timid getting in. He gets along with our cats, which he basically ignores or avoids. Shep is still working on his confidence. With positive reinforcement, Shep has already come a long way in the last week. He learns very quickly. He is a smart boy, moderate energy
​​Zoey is a two year-old spayed smooth coat female border collie mix. This high energy pup loves to play all out, but can settle down after play time. Zoey loves to give and receive hugs as she will melt in your arms. She would be a great companion for another high energy dog playing chase, romping, and taking long hikes. Zoey knows basic commands like sit, lie down, and is leashed trained. She is house broke, crate trained and doesn’t push the fence in the back yard. She has been around our cats and other’s small dogs, and although she may be a little too inquisitive, has shown no malice towards them.  She could easily be taught skijoring. She has been around horses and likes these “big dogs”. She has a neurological issue that gives her an odd gait, but don't make the mistake of thinking it will slow her down, all she knows is that her job is to have frolicking fun. Zoey lives life to the fullest, and puts a smile on your face every day. Zoey needs a home that understands her high energy needs and if you are that home she will reward you with lots of love and devotion.
Jill is a 9 month old Australian Cattledog / Border Collie mix.   She is a very active, inquisitive girl.  She is a petite girl, maybe 30 lbs.  She is SO smart.  She loves to wrestle non-stop with her dog buddies.  She will need a busy home to keep up with her.
Marvel ​is a 12 week old pup.  Guesses as to his breed range from Catahoula to Swiss Mountain Dog.  He enjoys kayaking and herding.  He has a confident, solid temperament.
3 year old, male pure bred Australian Shepard to someone with a home that has more time for him. He is neutered and up to date on shots, except rabies (has, previously had it, will need booster). Knows sit, stay, down, heel, but is willing to learn more. Has a desire to "work" on a farm or ranch. Great with adults and older children, doesn't realize his own size when around younger children. Loves to play with other dogs, will probably chase cats. Would benefit from having space to run. Doesn't chew on dig.
​Duke is an 8-9 y-old mini aussie who would make that special someone an excellent lap warmer. Shy & timid at first, he warms up to ppl that are kind and gentle & will help him experience the world at his own pace. He gets along w/ cats, but he may chase (unaggressively) if they run from him. A quiet home w/ older children would be best for Duke. He is completely house & kennel broke.

Bear is a male, 1 year old, 42 lb., neutered Australian Cattle Dog. He is a typical young Heeler, fairly high energy. Bear is learning sit, stay, down, come and drop. He is pretty much a blank slate. Can be fearful at times although that is lessening. He loves and requires exercise. He is not great on a leash yet but is excellent on a bike. We are still working on getting him house broke. But I see a lot of potential in this boy. 
Bailey is a 12 week old female mixed breed (border collie, springer spaniel?) puppy. What a wonderful girl she is. Bailey is active and bright. She gets along with other dogs well and loves people. She is potty training well and working on recall. She is up to date on her shots. Bailey is going to grow up to be a great girl and will be a wonderful addition to your family.  She would be a great running or hiking partner and would probably do well with agility. She is a little love and waiting for you to make her part of your family. 
Lacie is a 2 year old Border Collie mix. She is house trained. She is good with other dogs and likes to play with other playful dogs. She is medium energy level and very intelligent. She is picking up on basic obedience commands very quickly. We are training her using clicker training techniques. She really likes toys and cannot get enough of playing tug. She is shy with new people and needs some time to warm up to them before they pet her. She is affectionate once she is comfortable with people. ​ She is pretty good in a crate but occasionally barks when we first ask her to go in. However, she calms down quickly. She has also been good loose in the house and has not displayed any inappropriate chewing etc. Lacie was hit by a car before she came to rescue. She had a laceration repaired on a rear paw and there is some scarring as a result. Since coming to rescue, we found that she also had a broken toe in that paw that was not appropriately treated. We are treating it now and trying to help it heal as best possible. She has some arthritis developed in that paw already. She does seem to do quite well despite the injury and it does not seem to bother her most of the time. She will need some maintenance and care to make sure she does not overdo it. However, we are hopeful that after some treatment she should be able to participate in most normal activities. ​

  Hi, I’m Hannah, a very loving, young shepherd-mix girl with the most gorgeous eyes and beautiful, rich coat coloring! I love to amuse myself with toys or by playing fetch or tug with my human. You can also find me chasing birds out of the backyard — so much fun! My foster family has three dogs that I love to play with, too. I am very comfortable with my foster mom and dad, but tend to initially fear strangers, especially tall males, so my foster mom has me go to my crate and gives me a treat, which helps me immediately relax. I walk well on a leash, but dog parks are too much for me right now. My confidence keeps improving as time goes by in this consistent, supportive environment. I am very proud to say that I do know some commands, such as Sit and Come, and I know how to shake hands! I am looking for a Forever Home that will provide the oving and confidence-building support which my foster home has and a Forever Family to whom to give my loyalty and love! Are you that family?

Rio has some issues with strange dogs and needs an experienced home.  This pretty boy is about 5-6 yrs old and ready for someone to be his best buddy.
Ethel is a 3 year old Australian Cattledog mix.  She came to us as a feral dog and has come so far, but still needs a very special person to commit to her and keep working with her on socialization.
Gracie was born on May 18th, 2014 to a Border Collie mix. Gracie is a loving, smart and goofy pup who has a few quirks that will need continued training in her forever home. Gracie likes to play and romp with her furry friends (mostly dogs but she does try to play with her feline roommates too) and would do best with a confident dog in the home. She likes playing with toys and a good game of chase or fetch. She is a vocal dog and grumbles and barks while playing with her dog friends but is also vocal in general. Gracie does bark very loudly with excitement when someone comes home and will continue on until she is let out of her crate. This high pitched bark makes apartment living unsuitable for Gracie. She is also pretty vocal when she is separated from her humans by a gate (or baby gate in the house) and wants her humans to know she wants to be with them. Gracie is an easy keeper and has a good "off button" in the house and is usually quiet during down-time inside. She is a moderate energy dog and can keep up on hikes and romping with furry friends but does not need to run a marathon every day. Gracie likes to learn, so teaching her tricks would be a plus and provide mental stimulation. Gracie is a little nervous around men and will need a slow introduction and more training to help her gain confidence around men. She will softly growl or sometimes bark at men when she is nervous. She seems to do well around the children we've encountered but hasn't had one on one with kids. Gracie is very loving and snuggly with her humans and almost melts into her people when she is demanding love. This super sweet girl will need a little extra time and training. Because Gracie has developed some separation anxiety and reactivity she will need a home with a fence, where the people do not work outside of the home, and would do best with a female owner.

I wanted to introduce you to Ranger, our 1 1/2 year old border collie mix. We rescued Ranger when he was 8 weeks old. . At that time we lived in a house with a backyard. Due to unforeseen financial difficulties we had to move into a townhome with no yard. We thought it would be temporary but our financial situation has not changed. Ranger is quite an active dog that needs room to run. He is very protective and constantly barks at anyone that might walk by. At the dog park though, he does not bark and gets along well with other dogs.   My son is unable to play with his friends because of Ranger's behavior so we have been forced to lock Ranger up. He probably should not be in a home with young kids.   Ranger has all his immunizations and has been neutered.
Bristol is a 2-3 year old female Border Collie/ Shepherd type mix.  She is about 50 lbs (or should be when she gains a little more weight).  She is responding well to training and enjoying her foster sister.  She loves being with her person while doing chores (inside and outside). A very promising dog that is grateful to all that helped with her rescue.
Eva is a 1 year old Australian Cattledog.  She is a stocky 37 lb girl.  She is a fun hiking buddy.  Eva loves the view from above, she would always prefer to be on the crate than in it :)  Eva may have some herding potential.  She would do best in a home without cats.
Quirk is a 1-2 year old Border Collie mix.  He has an endearing expression and a sweet personality.  He is pretty shy with people but clearly wants to be involved with them.  He is good with other dogs and fine with cats with a proper introduction.  Oh, and did we mention the cutest ears?  Quirk is neutered and current on vaccinations.
Layla is a 5 year old mixed breed sweetheart.  She is looking for a new home because her owner's fiancé is allergic.  She loves attention.  She is an absolute sweetheart once she is comfortable. Whenever she meets a new person, it typically takes a few times for her to be herself. Layla is extremely healthy.  Layla can be timid in new environments but again, she does warm up to people once she’s around them enough. She does love attention and can be bratty if she doesn’t get enough. The only thing I’ve seen with her bratty behavior is she will eat other animals food and tuperware… She has a strange affinity for tuperware. Again, she only acts out when she’s bored or isn’t getting enough attention.  Layla has lived with dogs and cats before and has always had an easy time with other animals with the exception of one very unruly and invasive 1 yr old puppy.  She never snapped at this dog but I could see the frustration. She absolutely loves the outdoors, loves running and loves toys. She can keep herself entertained for hours throwing her toys around or just running in circles. It’s quite enjoyable to watch her play by herself actually. Layla will follow you around the house and always make sure she knows what you’re doing! 

Tyler and Cole
Tyler and Cole are brothers, but will be placed separately.  They are approximately 11-12 weeks old.  They are mixed breed cuties (possibly any combination of border collie, lab, or springer spaniel).  Total sweethearts.
Poppy is about two years old, spayed, about 20-25 lbs, healthy, brown and white mix and has a wonderful soft medium coat. She is a beautiful dog.  She loves/craves attention and is very smart; house trained, crate trained, walks well on a leash. She has a strong prey drive, but has never bothered the old cat who swats her on a regular basis.  She has been to an odience class and she did really well; was especially fond of the agility course and seemed to have a great aptitude for it. She has no real behavioral issues, occasionally gets a digging urge, but that seems to be lessening with age. She bolts her food, but I think that is remnant of her early life. She is alert and doesn't miss a thing.  She would be great for an active person/couple in town or a family with kids. She needs more activity than what is available in her current home. 
Disney Puppies
​8 pups- 1 female, 7 males.   Possible border collie/sheltie mix, but all that is known for sure is they are a mix.  Born mid-March 2015 and after being surrendered at four weeks of age to a high kill shelter, the Disney puppies are now ready for new families of their very own. These social pups enjoy playing with one another and the larger resident dogs. They are mostly house trained but are puppies so accidents will happen. They love exploring the yard with all the smells and sounds. They love all kinds of toys and are exploring the kiddie pool. They are used to sleeping in crates at bedtime and sleep through the night without a whimper.  Puppies, while adorable, are not for everyone. Think carefully if your lifestyle has room for the extraordinary responsibility of raising a puppy. Do you truly have time for the daily nurturing and constant supervision required? Do you mind piddles on your floor, chewing on your things and, before you know it, a “teenage puppy” with ideas of his own? The proper handling and socialization of a puppy are critical to their development into a well-adjusted adult. As the puppy grows he/she will require your steady, kind leadership, commitment to his training and rely on you for his extensive daily exercise needs.
Theoden King, “Theo”, is a big, beautiful Border Collie cross, probably with Aussie. He is 7 years old and 80 lbs. He is a loving, big, playful soul. He acts very young and loves wrestling with his foster brother Curly. He also enjoys being brushed. He does tend to run off if off-leash, so he will need to be kept on leash! He doesn't chase my chickens. He likes to hunt mice. Theo is a special guy who would make a great addition to most families. I think he'd prefer a home with another large dog so he can have a wrestling buddy. Theo has been one of the easiest foster dogs I've ever had.
Thomas is a border collie/corgi mix.  He is about 2 years old.  He is a character but probably needs an experienced and firm home as he will push limits when permitted.
Dennis is a 5 or 6 year old neutered Australian Shepherd.  His owner went into a nursing home.  Dennis is such a total love. He's fine with dogs, cats, people, children. He is curious about cats, but it's more like he hasn't been around them much and wants to be their friends.  He absolutely loves, loves going on his walks and I can't wait till he's lost a little more weight so we can take him on some leisurely mountain bike rides. We found out he really likes getting in water and splashing around.  He's like a hoover vacuum when it comes to food, and I don't think he realizes that on a hand it's not polite.  He's just a sweet, cuddly teddy bear. 
Trevor is an adorable 1 year old Sheltie/Corgi? mix.  He weighs just under 30lbs.  He is good with dogs and kids.
 JD is a 5 year old neutered male aussie who comes to us after the death of his human who was pretty much his reason for living.  JD loves running, toys and riding in cars as well as swimming and taking care of his person. He enjoys baths but is not a fan of hair cuts. JD is leash trained and reliable off leash. He knows sit, stay, come, and couch (that means get on the couch and sit down). He has not been crated at home but behaves well in kennel at vet and groomers. He is housetrained and is not an escape artist. He had a child who has lived with him since birth to  5 years. He is very good with him, loves to give kisses and play with the child. He is good with other dogs, like to play. Never lived with cats but does well with cats in neighborhood. He has not had any livestock experience.
Lovey is a one and 1/2 year, Aussie or Border Collie. She has only been here a short time and is still adjusting to a new place. She is very quiet and shy, but gets along with other dogs. Lovey is sweet-natured and likes to be near people. She walks nicely on a leash. She is house broken, but doesn't appear to have had a lot of training. 
Lovey is a one and 1/2 year, Aussie or Border Collie. She has only been here a short time and is still adjusting to a new place. She is very quiet and shy, but gets along with other dogs. 
Blade is a 6 month old Australian Cattledog/Australian shepherd mix.  He is a mellow and very sweet boy.  He will make a nice, laid back family companion.
 Siri is a year and a half old Australian Shepherd mix.  She is very sweet and kind.  We feel she would do well with children and is good with other dogs.
Kenji is a 6 month old Australian Shepherd/Australian cattledog mix.  He is very mellow for a puppy and gets along with everyone.  He is on the small side and will probably be about 40 lbs fully grown.