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Ella is a 29 lb package of energy. She can go, go, go, but has a great off switch. Wherever you are, is where you will find this girl. She is approx 2 years old. She is very bossy and herdy with other dogs. She coexists fine with my pack of five, but she should be properly introduced meeting other dogs. At the dog park her focus is on balls and the frisbee. Aloof to other pups and people. House and doggy door trained. Knows basics, and has the most amazing recall. Ella will need a firm experienced BC handler. Children over 8. She has been tried on sheep and showed some natural balance. Her favorite day is made up of frisbee and the water hose! Super smart little girl!  Ella is spayed and current on vaccinations.
Sassy is a 3 year old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix.  Sassy is current on vaccinations and spayed. Sassy is a smaller girl, maybe 40 lbs.  She is active and would do best with a job to keep her busy.  She is not a good fit for children or cats.  Sassy would probably be best as an only dog or with a male dog for company.  She is very loving to her person.  She can be good with other people but needs to be introduced properly or she can be inclined to sneakily nip at strangers.  She would be good running partner.  Sassy has been waiting a while for just the right home, are you it?
Yukon is a 4 year old Australian Shepherd/Australian Cattledog mix.  So far Yukon has turned out to be a big loving Teddy bear. I can't find much to complain about him. He chases the cats but is not aggressive.  The old story, they run he chases. He is already getting along with my female Cocker Spaniel (she puts him into place if he gets too "close" and my male Chihuahua. He doesn't want to be the Alpha male. He is clearly afraid of my husband but already it is better than yesterday. He barks if someone approaches the house. He loves to be combed and it will be a daily routine.  He flinches when I throw a ball or if he is touched too sudden!. He will regain trust in short time I believe. He has not attempted to jump fences. He is definitely smart and walks on a leash. Even if he pulls hard at the beginning of a walk, he settles in. He says hi (paw)! He just needs a lot of loving touch and he will be such a winner!! He really is a very beautiful dog!!

Cookie is a 8 year old Border Collie/Labrador Retriever mix.  She is good with kids and cats and fine with dogs that respect her space.  She loves water, toys, and cuddling!  She is an active girl who enjoys hiking and playing in the hose.  She is wild about her ball and loves to play fetch.  Cookie is spayed and current on vaccinations.
Sebastien is a 4 year old Australian Shepherd mix with a tail.  He is housetrained and likes to play with balls and other toys.  Sebastien is a good hiking buddy and while not over the top around the house, can keep up with you for a nice long hike.  He would like to chase horses and cats so would do best without that option.  Sebastien is neutered and current on vaccinations.  Sebastien loves his people but can be pretty protective around strangers so needs a home that is willing to continue to work with him to manage those behaviors.
Rook is a fun loving and active dog. He will be a year old on August 1st. His mother is a purebred Border Collie and it is presumed that his father is a Yellow Lab, although he could have some husky. Rook loves to chew on a good bone or go for a jog. He loves to swim and is an amazing companion. Rook knows how to sit, lay, stay, will wait to eat, and is completely kennel trained as well as potty trained. Rook needs a home with a strong/comfortable owner. He does not do well with other dogs and needs to be in a one dog only family. He is incredibly loving and will always stay by your side proud to be your dog.  Rook is neutered and current on vaccinations.
Bailey the Black Lab
Bailey turned 2 in January. She is good with cats. She is a lab mix. She is protective when it comes to new people, but is very friendly after she sees that the new person was accepted by us. My daughter plays with bailey and bailey plays back, bailey loves to play with children, but should go to a home without small children as she likes to nip at heels when there is a high level of activity. Another downfall for bailey would be how she barks/bites at tires. Bailey loves the water, car rides, walks, playing ball and any family activity. Bailey is spayed, house trained and current on vaccinations.
Wrigley is a 4 year old neutered Australian Shepherd with a tail.  Wrigley's disposition is sort of "grumpy old man" mixed with "silly puppy."  He likes going for walks and hanging out, but likes to do things in his own way and at his own pace.  Wrigley would do best in a home with no cats and no children.  Doesn't he look better all cleaned up and groomed?
This is Boss. He's a 1 year old Aussie/Heeler cross. Super sweet and very playful and energetic. Gets along with other dogs, need work on the leash and is mostly house broken. Neutered and current on all vaccines. Awaiting for new forever home!
Rose is a 1 year old spayed female Border Collie mix.  She is fairly small, about 40 lbs.  She is very loving and affectionate to her person.  She is housetrained.  Rose will do best with an experienced handler as she is somewhat reactive to strangers and tends to bark at them.  She is also possessive of her person around other dogs.  But she is a fun companion and snuggle buddy.
Razzle is a gorgeous, sweet 7 year old Border Collie.  He is a loving dog that is generally good with other dogs and does okay with cats.  He is good with older children.  Razzle has separation anxiety and would do best in a home where people are home a lot or where he can go with them.  Razzle is neutered and current on vaccinations.
Prancer is about a year and a half years old, stands 21" at the shoulders and weighs 38 lbs. My daughter calls him Prancer because of the way he throws his front feet in the air when he walks, like he's prancing. He's very sweet, loves people, kids and dogs. He loves loves to play and wrestle with other dogs. He's okay with cats. Prancer walks great on a leash and is potty trained. He's really a great cuddler. 
Bubba is a 1 year old Border Collie mix.  He is very focused on tennis balls and loves to play!
​Zoey is a pretty 9 month old spayed female border collie.  She likes to play and is high energy.  She has a few vision deficits and some neurological issues which you will notice give her an odd gait.  But don't make the mistake of thinking those will slow her down- all she knows is that she is a border collie and there are things to do and fun to have.  She likes to play with other dogs and does well at the dog park.  Zoey is working on basic commands like come and sit and will need to continue with her training in her new home.  She is crate trained and likes to play in the back yard.  She loves to be gently hugged and will sit and get petted for as long as you are willing.  Zoey needs a home that can work with a high energy special needs puppy and if you are that home she will reward you with lots of love and devotion.
Shadow is a little over a year old.  You can tell he is super smart.  He is excited to be in rescue where he can find a home that will take the time to teach him all the great things that border collie types can do.  He already knows a few things like sit and down, but would love to do agility or nosework or some other activity for smart dogs.  Shadow is neutered.
My name is RUSTY, and I’m looking for my Forever Home. My foster parents gave me a huge hug and said I’ve made fostering sooooo easy because I am so nice, so so sweet, and very friendly with them, their adult son, and all their dogs. They have two male dogs, with whom I am appropriately submissive, and three females. I especially like to run around the big fenced yard with their border collie Jessie! We’re both pretty young dogs. Jessie and I sneak dog toys out of the house through the doggie door and pile them on the yard after we throw them in the air and catch them. What fun! I did get in trouble once for taking my foster dad’s sandals outside, but he just puts them away now.  They introduced me to one of their cats. Cats are new for me! I was so excited I stood up on my hind legs and pulled on the leash at first, but my foster mom showed me how to calm down, and the cat let me sniff her. I’m not sure the cat liked it, though, because she kept strolling off.  I did get banned from the parrot room as seeing them moving around was just too stimulating! My foster mom says it might not be a good idea for me to be loose with chickens in a Forever Home. My foster parents also have donkeys and horses, which I find VERY interesting. Their donkeys love to tease me at the fence line by sticking their noses down to my level. I so want to go in there with them.   You should know that the vets and all the staff think I am the cutest, friendliest, most handsome dog EVER! I loved to be led around, smile and wag my tale at everyone. Fyi, I slept nicely in a crate when I first got to my foster home, but I’ve graduated to a dog bed as I never had an “accident” in the crate or when loose in the house.  
Jill is a 9 month old Australian Cattledog / Border Collie mix.   She is a very active, inquisitive girl.  She is a petite girl, maybe 30 lbs.  She is SO smart.  She loves to wrestle non-stop with her dog buddies.  She will need a busy home to keep up with her.
Kenzie is an Australian Cattle Dog/Pointer mix. She's about 2 years old.  When we got Kenzie out of the shelter, she was curled in a corner in the back of her kennel.  We went into her kennel and sat there for a minute and she came and crawled in my lap. From there it was easy to work with her.  She's young and high energy but she settles down nicely inside. She's good with cats.  She gets along well with all other dogs and she's good offleash and constantly looks to her person for direction. The major downside to Kenzie is her utter fear of small children. She's terrified of them. I assume she was tormented by them in her former life.  Kenzie won't attack small children. She just sits there and quivers and emits a low growl in the hopes that they'll go away. She's fine in a crate with kids around, but we recommend she goes to a home without small children. 
His name is roscoe he is 3 yrs old. He weighs about 60 lbs. He's a blue heeler Australian Shepard mix. He is current on all his shots and I got him the rattle snake vaccination as well. I am looking to re home him because I moved to town and don't have the time to give him any more because he was not able to come with me. He is neutered. He is leash broke. He will ride in the car great. He is good with other dogs. Doesn't like cats and he's never been around kids. The only time I have had him be aggressive is when a stranger tried to walk on to our deck that was not welcomed by us. He loves to play will fetch a ball. Very playful loves attention. 
3 year old, male pure bred Australian Shepard to someone with a home that has more time for him. He is neutered and up to date on shots, except rabies (has, previously had it, will need booster). Knows sit, stay, down, heel, but is willing to learn more. Has a desire to "work" on a farm or ranch. Great with adults and older children, doesn't realize his own size when around younger children. Loves to play with other dogs, will probably chase cats. Would benefit from having space to run. Doesn't chew on dig.
Thomas is a 1 year old Border Collie/Corgi mix.  Thomas can be very playful at times, and LOVES to fetch, but after a little burst of puppiness, he will settle down. Of course he is still mouthy (being a puppy and all) and thinks toes are especially wonderful things. Because he is mouthy, he would do best in a home without small children.   He is smart and picking up on the routine in the house quickly. He wants to be close to his human, but won't try to take over from the other dogs (if they are there first, he will respect that for the most part).  So, if you are looking for a short buddy who likes to play and has lots of personality, look no further.

Jerico is a 6 year old male heeler/border collie mix.  He is a well-behaved dog.  He sometimes like to nip at other dogs when they run, but isn't bad with dogs.  
Jerry is a 1 and a half year old neutered male red and white Border Collie.  He likes to play fetch.  This is a smart boy that would love to learn some tricks or maybe a sport like agility.
Bear is a male, 1 year old, 42 lb., neutered Australian Cattle Dog. He is a typical young Heeler, fairly high energy. Bear is learning sit, stay, down, come and drop. He is pretty much a blank slate. Can be fearful at times although that is lessening. He loves and requires exercise. He is not great on a leash yet but is excellent on a bike. We are still working on getting him house broke. But I see a lot of potential in this boy. 
Tikah is a 1 year old herding breed mix (perhaps border collie?)  She is a well-behaved girl that will be a loyal companion.  She really is an amazing dog. She is by far the easiest foster that we have ever had. 100% potty trained, rarely jumps on people, seldom barks (she was here for weeks before we heard a peep), and knows some of her basic commands. I can't rave about her enough. It took her a few weeks to really show her personality but once she did, she shined. She now plays with toys and loves playing with our dog Sophie. Tikah may do well in a home with other pets (we have a dog and two cats), but slow introductions would need to be made as she is hesitant around other animals. She is an extremely smart dog and is very open to gently correction. Tikah will do well in a home that goes on walks (she absolutely loves walks) and would be good with a family with or without kids. Tikah is spayed, dewormed, and up to date on her shots. She is just waiting for the perfect family to take her home.
Laney is a 7 year old Catahoula Leopard dog.  She is a lover and if she is exercised enough, she's a great inside dog too! She responds to basic commands and is very sharp. She can be a bit of a raccoon with the garbage, but, most of that is out of boredom. If the garbage is not readily accessible, it's not a problem. is great with kids of all ages (we have a 4 year old and a 1.5 year old). Cats probably aren't a great fit for her...not because she growls and attacks, but, she really wants to chase and play. She gets along with other dogs and LOVES to be outside and run. 
Addie is a 1 year old Australian Cattledog.  She is super friendly with people.  She is a busy girl and ever so smart.  She likes to wrestle with other dogs and would do well with another dog of similar play style.  She is on the smaller side, about 30 lbs.
Ann is a 3 year old female Australian Cattledog.  She is very petite.  Ann LOVES people and is a very faithful companion.  She is good with other dogs.
Karley is a 4-5 year old Australian Cattledog. She loves to play ball, go hiking and running. She is high energy! She does not swim in a pool but will swim sometimes in a lake and loves to chase the hose. She gets along with dogs but has never seen a cat as far as I know.    She responded very well to the training but still has some triggers. She is afraid of guns, nail clippers and thunderstorms. We crate her during storms. She is fearful of new people but warms up after time. She is crate trained but we let her roam the house when we are gone. She has a doggy door and our property is not fenced. She does not run. Her biggest issues that we cannot get her to stop are jumping on people and her fear of kids. She has never been aggressive and I don't worry about her hurting our kids by biting. I worry about her energy and hurting them because she does not understand that she is stronger than them. I do worry about her getting caught in a corner by the kids. This is our only problem with her. She is extremely smart. It took her 2 days to learn you cannot chase the ball in the street and have to sit and wait for us to get the ball. She just had her annual check up at the vet and is up to date on her shots. She is healthy with no issues we are aware of. She is spayed and microchipped. ​
Victoria is a 1 year old heeler mix.  Sweet and TINY girl! She weighs 28 lbs.  Kind of sensitive to correction, so can use some confidence building.  She is a little playful with my BC already and is trying to figure out the cats but is cat safe. Spayed and utd on vax.  Do you love to snuggle and give belly rubs? Looking for a itty bitty firecracker who can keep up on adventures but one who also likes lazy days? Then here is your gal! She's well rounded, really wants to make her people happy and is almost small enough to fit in your pocket. She just wants a family of her own who will love her almost as much as she will love them!

Simone is a small herding breed mix.  Simone is a timid little girl, but isn’t afraid of people. Loud or unexpected noises will send her hiding, however she has made a lot of progress. She is going for walks and has been on three runs with me and our dog Jasper. She does great, doesn’t pull on the leash and stays at my side instead of in front or behind. I think she loves the exercise, she is very athletic. When she jumps off the couch she looks like she is flying! She sleeps in a crate at night, is house trained and knows how to use a doggy door. She is about 22 pounds right now. She is still a puppy and likes to play with my mini Aussie. If they aren’t sleeping, they are playing. She isn’t very interested in toys or fetch yet. Simone is very friendly, has not shown any aggression towards people or other animals. She was around cats, chickens, cows and horses and didn’t show interest in them. 

Faith is most likely a Border Collie/Great Pyrenees mix.  She is a big girl, about 70 lbs. She is a sweet girl and has completed basic obedience class.
Admiral- arriving soon.
Hannah is a wonderful, gentle Shepherd mix.  She is good with other dogs and a great companion.

“Hi” my name is Lady, I am an 8 year old mini aussie/chihuahua mix? I am very special for I am blind. My hearing is fantastic and I do well finding my own way around. I am very loving and love to cuddle. I am potty trained and crate trained. Please don’t overlook me because I am blind, I am amazing! Good with kids and other animals. Looking forward to being in a forever home, I want to be somebody’s furbaby!​

Sam is a 5 month old Corgi mx.  What a cutie.  He is good with other dogs and a quick learner.
Tex is a Heeler border collie cross about two years old.  He is a neutered male. He was found runnimg down the interstate and no one claimed him. Very well behaved, house broke wants to be alpha with my bigger dogs. Needs someone who will take him every where with them. He rides great in a car and sticks like glue to you. . He does well with my cats and other critters in my house.
Missy is a 2 year old purebred papered Australian cattledog.  She is slightly shy, but wonderfully sweet.  She does have a full tail.  
Eva is a 1 year old Australian Cattledog.
Clementine the Border Collie
Patch is a 1 year old border collie mix.  He is an active guy who loves running outside chasing balls. He has a great history of living with children and other dogs. He can be timid around strangers, but warms up quickly. He is house trained, neutered, and ready to go home with you today! He is very, very sweet and very bright. He has great potential for agility, Frisbee, flyball ... anything that involves launching himself into the air!! He is very good with other dogs and cats, and is much better now with strangers. He's pretty "herdy" but not obsessively so. He is very quiet and rarely barks. He is always where I am and totally owns the floor at my feet. Even though all the other animals are on the couches and bed with me, he never even tries to get up and is content to be on the floor. He's a happy, funny guy that is remarkably easy-going given how much energy he has! He has not offered any inappropriate chewing, and hasn't had an accidents in the house. He is crate-trained and pretty well-mannered except for exuberant jumping when he's excited.
Mystic, Finn, Seth, Iris
Four gorgeous pups.  Likely Kelpie x heeler mixes.  One yellow, one tricolor, and two reds.  2 males, 2 females.  About 5 months old. Currently about 25 lbs.
Lanie is a 1 year old mixed breed.  She wants you to know  "I so love life, other dogs, and people, though tall men cause me to bark at first till they sit down to pet & reassure me. I’m very athletic, VERY sweet, and have lots of energy for playing, running around, jogging, jumping. I do like to crash and nap after that like any young pup or kid. My foster mom says I need room to run around with a very tall fence or supervision when outside as I like to visit the nice neighbor’s dog. She tells my foster dad that I might be a good agility or frisbee dog or running partner. Sometimes the other dogs take up the whole couch so I just climb over them to lay on top of the couch. I am very smart at figuring things out."
Doedie is a 2 year old Australian Cattledog mix.  Doedie is the life of the party! This goofie girl has a ton of energy and loves to go on new adventures but she also likes to cuddle with her people and curl up on the couch. She loves to romp and wrestle and would be very happy with k9 sibling to romp away the day with. While she has a few more commands to learn, she is learning quickly and really wants to please her people. Are you ready to share your life and adventures with Doedie Doe?!

 Gus is a purebred male blue merle aussie.  He had always been an outside dog so I housebroke and crate trained him, he is very loving just wants to be by you, I had him groomed and he was the best behaved dog my groomer ever had, he rides good in the car. 
Frieda is a 4 yr old Australian Cattledog.  She is a VERY smart dog, who understands basic commands (sit, come, stay, lay, shake paw, out of the kitchen, go to your kennel, roll over, wait/okay) and does pretty well on hikes (off-leash). However, I believe she needs more room to roam and spend her energy!! As a cattle dog, she truly deserves just that: open space to run!! Frieda loves to play fetch and currently lives with an infant (human) and 3 cats. She loves our baby Oskar and licks him all the time. She requires a special food bowl because she will eat too quickly. She does well at doggy day care (Camp Bow Wow in Fort Collins) and at dog parks. (She prefers to stay near her humans at the dog park, though.) Frieda is house-trained and crate-trained. She barks at strangers from the backyard, but has never shown signs of aggression. When on a leash, she tends to pull and does not bark at strangers while on a walk. She is submissive to dogs at the dog park (any size), but when one-on-one with a smaller dog, she will try to "roll" a little dog. 

Gracie, born May 28, 2014, is a tricolor border collie mix and looking for a family of her own. Gracie loves to play fetch, wrestle with other dogs and enjoys a game of chase.   Even though Gracie would enjoy another confident and playful canine buddy and she would be okay as an only dog. She is curious about cats, however, doesn't bother them and can peacefully co-exist with cats. She is crate and house trained and currently weighs 34 pounds. ​

Jasper is a 4 yr old border collie mix.  He is a sweet submissive dog that would get along with any other dogs.
Cami is a 1-2 year old herding breed mix.
Admiral- arriving soon.