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Quirk is a 6 year old mixed breed (according to his DNA test, more than 6 breeds!)  He has an endearing expression and a sweet personality.  He is pretty shy with people, especially men, but clearly wants to be involved with them.  His ideal home would be a quiet and patient single person who would let him snuggle on the bed and go hiking, but would not expect him to be a social butterfly with strangers.  He is fine with cats with a proper introduction.  Oh, and did we mention the cutest ears?  Quirk is neutered and current on vaccinations.
Thomas is a border collie/corgi mix.  He is about 6 years old.  He is a character but probably needs an experienced and firm home as he will push limits when permitted.
Dallas is a 7 year old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie/Cattledog mix.  He is super affectionate with his owner and likes to sleep under the covers when its cold out.  Dallas tends to make questionable decisions in ambiguous situations and needs a handler with a quiet lifestyle and good management skills.
Wrigley is a neutered 10 year old​ Australian Shepherd with a tail.  He's had a tough past and will need a patient person who is willing to accept his quirks.  He can be very loving and is a handsome boy.  He does have high anxiety and a few behaviors such as pulling on a leash and not tolerating grooming well.

Opie – DOB August 12, 2014 – Male Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix

Opie came to HeRD from a family in Utah very skinny and heavy with attitude. This was not a good place or time in Opie’s life. He has come a long way from that situation. He has been fostered by HeRD since March 2018. He is currently living with 2 other dogs and 2 cats. Sally, our pyr/BC and he used to get into it when he first came here but they do well now. He and Jim, our BC, do well together primarily due to Jim’s absolute absence of aggression. They will chase the same ball, but defer to the one that got there first. 
He loves Frisbee, chukker ball, and rope ball outside and enjoys ‘bumpy’ ball and ‘holey’ ball inside. He will do flying flips when tossed the ball inside – he is very athletic! He sometimes porpoises the ball to make it fly instead of catching it. The balls are his security blanket. If he gets upset he often gets a ball and ‘resets’ himself. He often goes to his corner by himself to decompress. He will set a ball on your chair just before you sit down. This way he gets you to get up to throw it off!
 He loves going on hikes with his canine friends and people and does well when meeting other people and dogs on the trails. He has been on a number of pack walks with up to 10 other dogs and does fine – just keep moving. He does not chase horses, cows, or deer. He often accompanies Chris and the other dogs to the volunteer fire department and knows all of the guys, who play ball with him. He is not much of a barker unless there is a strange car/person, or if he wants inside. He will know that there is thunderstorm coming before the weatherman and will bark to come in, or try to escape the fenced area. If he does escape, he hasn’t run off, sticks around. It would be cruel to leave him outside in a thunderstorm. He doesn’t like gunshot or fireworks. 
Opie is really smart. He will understand commands before you realize you have given one. I swear he understands conversation. He does not need a shock collar, a loud bang will get him back in no time! Ha ha! He has been through basic obedience and did very well. We feel that he has huge potential. 
Opie has calmed down around his meal time. We feed our other dogs first, in a separate area, and then put Opie’s food down. If he does growl, make him back off-sit-wait, put food down, tell him ‘go eat’.  His most favorite treats are lamb and cow lungs (send with you). 
He has weird quirks. He doesn’t like to be told to ‘take it nicely’ for treats, for some reason that brings out anger in the guy. He may take a treat by grabbing it, but not always. He does not like to have treats from an open hand. Make a game of giving him treats by tossing them for him to catch, he seems to like that. And it keeps him away from your hands! He doesn’t like to be pointed at. He can go from being a petted dog to a growling dog in a second. Don’t pet him while he is lying down anywhere, generally does not like this, and frankly, he doesn’t even like to be looked at or acknowledged when he is lying down. He is allowed on our furniture, bed, anywhere he feels comfortable. You can sense his ‘dark’ moods even if he isn’t growling. He gets real still, his pupils get large. I will talk lightly, hey buddy! When he growls, just leave him alone. He has his dark moods usually in the evening inside of the house. He needs a dark place that you call ‘corner’ so when he does act up, tell him – ‘go to your corner’. Sometimes we distract him by asking him to get his bumpy ball and that diffuses the mood, sometimes. 
When Opie is outside, you can brush him, usually. Clipping toenails is at his mood’s discretion. Sometimes good, sometimes not. We have not bathed him but he loves, loves, loves his puppy pools and water that he can flop in, usually after a good round of play. He is not a belly-rub dog, and does not like to be cuddled. You know you have his heart when he comes to you and kisses you on the lips. We have not been super strict with Opie when he jumps up to show excitement or affection because he’s not a cuddly dog, so when he does this he is showing his affection. 
Best way to bond with Opie – take him places, play Frisbee and throw the ball. Treat him fairly, no head games with him. He’s been through a lot in his life. This last year has been his best year. Love him for who he is and work with his issues. ​
Oreo is a 4 year old neutered male border collie.  Oreo came in with some touch sensitivity, which has greatly improved.  He is now a very cuddly boy, but because of this history, we are recommending no homes with children under 13.  Oreo likes to fetch and would probably also be a good running buddy.  He would do best in a home without cats.
Foxy is a sweet German Shepherd/Collie mix.  She is great with cats, likes to play with playful dogs, and is good with people.  She weighs about 70 lbs. and is 7 years old.  She likes to hike on leash or romp in the yard.  
​Viola is approximately 4 years old.  She is a sweet, but very shy dog.  She does well with nice or playful dogs.  She is okay with cats, but might be frightened by rambunctious children.  

Verkin is a 6 year old Australian Shepherd.  He is curretnly about 47 lbs.  He will need an experienced home, but is a lovely, snuggly boy.  He has plenty of energy, but can also have an off-switch.  Verkin is not a candidate for a home that has children under the age of 12.  Verkin tends to bother the kitties, so needs a home with no cats.  He would do fabulously as an only dog or in a home with the right personality of dogs.
​Bailey is an 8 year old mixed breed dog.  He is a lovely chocolate color.  Bailey was returned to the HeRD of Wy program due to a conflict with the resident cats, so needs a cat free home.  Children make him a bit anxious, but he is very loving to adults that he has gotten to know.  He likes walks and hikes and would love to show you his favorite toys.  Bailey does well with other friendly dogs, but will be perfectly happy as an only dog too.
Willie is approximately 3 years old.  He is a dachshund mix.  He is a sweet boy who is a bit slow to warm up to new people but loves to give kisses to his friends.  He would do best in a home with adults.  He is good with dogs and cats.  He weighs about 12 lbs.  Willie has been started on Nosework and is doing fabulous!
​From Yens' current home: Yens is a 4-year old neutered border collie mix.  He currently lives with other animal companions - a 7 year-old neutered Catahoula mix male and a cat. 
Yens is smart and strong. He has tons of energy and needs a lot of stimulation through physical activity and problem solving. He's happiest when he's out and about in nature with a person who challenges him with tricks or tasks. His favorite game is fetch and he loves chew toys. He has never been trained to work, but demonstrates an interest and he would most enjoy a family who was dedicated to teaching him new skills. Yens is great with cats - gentle and respectful.
He is awkward with other dogs because he often tries to control them, but he can learn to be friendly with help and guidance. 
Yen's greatest frustration is not getting enough exercise or attention. He is happy-go-lucky when he has enough of those things, but he is nervous and barks excessively when he does not. 
Yens would be most comfortable in a home without very young kids where people are respectful of his space when he is resting. 
He likes to stay close and attentive to his primary person and would like a lot of attention from an active adult.  
Rex - Adoption Pending
Rex is a charming and very sweet guy! We're guessing he is about 2-3 yrs. He loves all people and is great with other dogs. We're not sure what his background is but one thing is for sure, things are looking up for him now! He is learning about basic house and obedience skills. He is a little timid of new things but adapts quickly. He enjoys some exercise each day but settles well in the house. He loves attention and is eager to please. Rex is neutered and current on vaccinations.  
​Jax is a 6-7 year old miniature Australian Shepherd.  He should go to an experienced home with a fence as he does have reactivity issues.  Not recommended for a home with small children or cats.

Farrah is a 9 month old Australian Cattledog.  She is a lovely light red.  What a sweetheart!  She is the best hiking buddy and stays close off leash.  She is good with dogs and gentle with people.
Milo is a 1.5 yr. old heeler mix. He is an active dog who loves hiking or a game of Fetch. He enjoys toys including kong, jolly balls etc. Milo was surrendered to a shelter in Utah. Prior to that he just lived outside. He was never trained or socialized. Because of this, he can be fearful of new people but has greatly improved in this area. It helps immensely to have a confident, friendly dog that he can follow. He also gains confidence and trust daily. He does good with dogs (when he first came he had some aggression with intact males but has really mellowed out since being neutered.) He is fine with cats. He's sweet, affectionate and is very loyal. He wants to be right with 'his person'. He settles well in the house after some activity. We have found that he is quite the counter surfer! No food should be left unattended but otherwise is a great inside companion. He is house broke, neutered and up to date on vaccinations. 
This handsome fella is Sarge. Sarge is a shepherd about 2 years old and originally from New Mexico. He weighs about 65 lbs and is in great shape. Sarge is a high energy dog who needs regular exercise in the form of walks, hikes or other activities. He likes to play fetch and loves the snow. Sarge is very playful and loves having lots of toys to play with. His favorites are chew toys, squeaker toys and balls. Sarge does like to do surgery on some of his toys to make sure their inner squeaker gets enough air. He is otherwise very respectful of things in the house that are not dog toys. Sarge is a very loyal companion and very loving with his people. He is very bright, eager to learn and picks up on commands very quickly. He looks at his people for direction and listens very well. He needs an experienced dog owner who is clearly the leader of the pack and will do best with kids age 12 and up. He is vocal and likes to talk. Sarge does well with other dogs (he is currently living with 8 others in his foster home) but is not a fan of dogs with poor manners. Meeting new dogs on leash is harder for him than off leash. He has some reactivity issues when on leash, but is improving with training. He is living with cats currently and does well with confident cats. He is a strong, enthusiastic dog, trained to a head collar. He walks great with a head collar but is difficult to control when wearing a harness or a leash on his collar because he is very strong and gets excited about wildlife. He is not reactive to cars at all. Sarge is housetrained and knows how to use a doggie door. Sarge is used to sleeping in a crate at night and knows “kennel up”. Big city life is not for Sarge, it is too stressful for him. He is looking for a home in a small town, mountain or rural area. He appears to be allergic to chicken (it causes skin issues) but is otherwise easy to please and not picky. Sarge would love to do obedience training and may also be a good candidate for rally or nosework!
Narnia Litter
From Alpine's current owner:  Alpine is Kelpie. She is a super lovable dog that has so much to offer. She just turned 3 years old in November. I was recently in a "relationship change" and was left alone with this dog. She does have mental health challenges. She was abused as a puppy and as a result she is very skittish when you first meet her. She also believes people are here to hurt her so she is very protective of her keeper. Once she is comfortable with you, she tends to be a little aggressive towards others and needs space from both humans and dogs. I've spent over a year bringing her to training and working with her. She is currently on Prozac and Trazadone as needed.
​Lucy is a sweet young cattledog mom.  Her 7 puppies are growing like weeds and should be available for adoption around the latter part of January, so get your applications in now!

Corin is a 11 week old female blue Heeler. She may be on the small side, but that does not stop her. She is a feisty, fun, smart girl that loves to find adventure. 

Jewel is a 11 week old female blue Heeler. She has a big personality that won't be ignored. She loves to snuggle for a minute and then be off to play and have fun. She's pretty easy going, but definitely a little Heeler.

Polly is a 11 week old female red Heeler. Her nickname is "Princess" because she loves to tell her siblings how things are going to be and loves to be on top of the puppy pile. She is a love bug and loves to cuddle and play. She has a spunky personality and will do best with someone who can channel all that spunk.

Diggle is a 11 week old male red Heeler. He is the biggest in the litter and ALL Heeler! He is a funny, silly, happy, strong willed boy that's favorite pastimes are giving kisses and biting ankles. 

Duffle is a 11 week old male red Heeler. He is a fun loving, goofy boy that's all about a good time. He loves to play with others and is very inquisitive about his surroundings.

Lilliana is a 11 week old female red Heeler. She is the sweetheart of the litter. She does get nervous in new situation but with reassurance she settles in and will explore. She'll need someone to help keep her confidence up. Temperament wise Lilli is most like her momma...smart, easy going and just a love.

Rilian is a 11 week old female red Heeler. She may be the runt of the litter but she makes up for it in feistiness. She loves to play and is not intimated by her much bigger siblings. She can be a huge sweetheart or a feisty gremlin depending on the moment.

Momma Lucy is a 2-3 year old red Heeler that is rare find. She is an easy going, mellow Heeler that loves to snuggle on the couch and has great house manners. Lucy is VERY food motivated. She is eager to please especially if a treat is involved. She has not had much training, but has such an easy disposition it won't take long to make her even more perfect. She would do best in a home where she can have another dog sibling to give keep her company. She gets along great with other dogs, even dogs like my female who does not normally care for other female dogs.  
Lilianana (f)
Jewel (f)
Diggle (m)
Princess Polly (f)
Corin (f)
Rilian (f)
Duffle (m)

Hi! I'm Sadie! I'm a sweet girl.  I'm probably a Australian Shepherd/Border Collie/Cattledog mix.  I'm about 1 year old and 48 lbs.  I'm full of lots of love and even more energy! I like squeaky toys, and I do great with other dogs. I walk pretty well on a leash but need a little help now and then. I just love to get pets from my foster parents that I get distracted even when walking. I love to cuddle up to anyone and everyone. I'm motivated by affection and I can't wait to meet you!
This handsome boy is Beethoven. He is a happy and playful puppy with a thick fur coat, about 11 months old and medium energy. Beethoven is probably an Anatolian Shepherd mix. Currently Beethoven weighs about 85 lbs but is still on the skinny side. He is looking for an active home where he will get regular exercise and outdoor time, preferably not in the big city but small town, rural or mountains. Beethoven LOVES snow and walks well on a leash. While he loves the outdoors, he is very people focused and not a typical LGD. Beethoven gets along great with people, dogs and doesn’t mind cats either. He likes to give the cats a bath, which is sometimes a bit much for them since it leaves them soaking wet. Beethoven (also listens to “Puppy”) loves to play and run with his companions and is currently living with 8 other dogs in his foster home. His favorite toys are chew toys, squeaker toys and rope toys. He is easy to redirect and house trained. Beethoven knows “sit” already and would like to learn more so he can please his people. He is very treat motivated and should be fairly easy to train. He does great in the car and is a great travel companion.


Molly Ami

Jolene, Dolly, Reba

From her owner:  Kevin is a female purebred Australian Shepherd, 1 year old.  She is a little ball of energy to say the least. She is very eager to please and only gets into trouble (chewing, digging…) because she is bored. She is fully house trained and enjoys going to her kennel when she needs a break.  She has been to obedience class and Kevin was always eager to do just a little more. She understands sit, stay, wait, leave-it, down, and she anticipates your moves as you walk together. She would probably be a good candidate for an off-leash expedition, but since we are in town, we haven’t explored that option.The only reason we are putting her up for adoption is because she is bored and to keep her in our small home is purely selfish. She has one “sister” who is a Blue Tick Coon Hound, and 4 “brothers” who are all cats. When we first brought Kevin home, she chased her sister all over creation and sister didn’t mind too much. However, lately sister has had enough of being a living chew-toy and is starting to yell and get a little aggressive with Kevin. Kevin has always done a very nice job of herding her brothers around the house until they started jumping up on a table and whapping Kevin very hard on the head. Since herding is really not a cat thing, they are getting angry and when she walks into a room, they sometimes hiss, puff up, and run away.
As far as human interaction goes, she is incredibly gentle. She does try to herd anything/everything, but only “boops” with her nose. She has never had teeth on any of us. She is very protective-sounding, but has never shown aggression after we ask her to “leave-it”. She does talk-back a little, but it is just noise. She is good with grooming and doesn’t mind her toenails being clipped and is eager to roll over on her back for a good rub-down/body check. She is “ok” with a warm bath and it seems to give her loads of energy. She likes to lick. She licks anything and everything that might have a taste. The wall, the back of your ear, the fresh fork out of the drawer, a flower, random bugs, any part of the floor…EVERYTHING.  We really need Kevin to go to a home that has lots of space. We simply do not have the resources to properly care for Kevin.  She is a very hard worker and a very fast learner. She is eager to please anyone and everyone. She only eats rugs, chew toys, and couch cushions when she has nothing else to do. When she is outside, if she has nowhere to go and nothing to do, she will try to find a new world 6 feet under your newly planted grass or flowers. Since we live on a very small lot in the middle of town, she is frequently looking for that new world.

Zoey - Adoption Pending

Geo is a spunky, friendly little heeler mix who loves mental stimulation as much as physical activity. He wasn't doing well in a shelter environment and developed some kennel anxiety, though since being in a house, he's shown significant improvement and is much calmer, quieter, and happier. He's a whizz at puzzles, picks tricks up quickly, is very treat motivated, and can't say no to a good fluffy toy that might need destroying. He's not as ball-crazy as other heelers and really only wants to explore the world with his people - car rides are a favorite. Geo plays well with other dogs, but if he becomes over-stimulated or finds a toy he really wants for himself, he may bark at them and try to herd them, though this is easily corrected and he listens well to commands. He knows sit, down, touch, shake, leave it/drop it, and is working on taking treats softly. When he's finally worn out, he will find the comfiest spot on the couch and curl up for a nap. He's also very good at asking for attention when he wants it and will happily stretch out next to anyone who gives a good belly rub. Geo would benefit from some structure and a routine (he's great at agility!) with people who are willing and able to keep him occupied!

From Millie's current home: We have a 1 year old border collie/corgie (Millie) we are looking to re-home.  
She does love to cuddle & loves to play. She is very sweet & loving with us but the longer we've had her the more aggressive she has become toward anyone who visits. She is very protective of the kids & I along with her home. She gets very upset if anyone rough houses (we have 2 boys who wrestle so this happens a lot) & aggressive toward my husband if he is messing with my daughter because my daughter shrieks when tickled. She's been all bark/growl until this last week when she nipped (didn't break skin) to my son's friend who was going to dog sit for us. We thought she'd do better when we weren't around so he tried again last night when we weren't home & she wouldn't come out of her kennel. She is fine with our cats & my not quite 1yr old kitten is her beat bud. Our other cats ignore her. She does with well with my sister in laws dogs & was ok at her house when we visited overnight.
We took her to my in-laws over Christmas & she was kept in my mother in law's dog kennel building. She did fine with my mother in law & the other dogs as long as my kids didn't go with. This trip was when we realized how protective of the kids she is.
She loves to be outside but can jump our 5 ft fence & will run at vehicles so we can't let her stay out without constant watching &/or on a leash. I feel like she really needs a job & a purpose - especially one that gets her outdoors. She sits & plays fetch really well. 
Jolene is a young border collie (?) mix approximately a year old. She has had a rough few months. She found herself alone and pregnant and we think she also may have been hit by a car. She was in a rural Texas shelter without many options, and she ended up delivering her babies in the pound and sadly most didn't survive. She arrived to our rescue with a couple babies and in very rough shape, skin and bones, she needed her tail amputated (I told her she is an Aussie now) and she had a fractured pelvis which is a lot for any dog to go through. But Miss Jolene is a fighter and is healing up nicely. She has 2 little girls that she is currently nursing and they are doing very well now and she is a great momma. Jolene is potty trained, walks nicely on a leash and enjoys going for rides in the car. She is very affectionate, likes other dogs and is just an all round great girl. Due to her injuries I don't think she would be a candidate for agility, but if you are looking for a sweet girl with a good off switch then Jolene is your girl. Her babies will still need her for another month, after they are weaned she will be available for adoption
Zoey is a 1-2 year old border collie that came to HeRD from Texas. As with all true southerners, she is very unimpressed with our central Wyoming winter. Being a bit underweight and having an unhealthy coat is not helping her adjust to the weather change very well, so I would guess next winter will be a lot more fun for her. She’s currently about 33# but should be closer to 40#. She is pretty laid back and easy going for a young border collie and is happy to just curl up on the couch with someone all afternoon. She loves a good walk or romp in the yard but is not your typical over the top energy that people associate the breed with and seems to be happy with and hour or two of activity each day. She will make a great obedience, rally or nose work dog. She might even enjoy dabbling in agility later on but right now does not show a lot of high driving work energy. Her toy drive is low (I’ll send her with the couple she plays with) and is just starting to figure out that training is kinda fun because she gets treats. As she comes out of her shell, she’s becoming more bouncy and willing to engage. She’s kennel trained, house trained, LOVES to snuggle on the couch or in bed and overall coming along great with learning the basics and daily routine. She is slowly earning house freedoms and is respectful of personal items and her current male doggie roomate. She is an opportunistic food snatcher so a covered trash can and food away from counter edges is a must. She could be quite happy being an only dog or having a nice neutral pup to play with. She’s not fond of in your face dogs with no respect for space. She is very appropriate with her corrections if left to handle her own situation. She will need consistent, positive training with clear boundaries. She would not do well with small critters like cats, chickens, geese, rabbits, etc because her prey drive is INTENSE! She locks on with a strong eye and anything that runs is fair game. Because of this I would not recommend a house with small, loud, excitable children because she also does not handle being grabbed at quickly, fast movements towards her or loud voices very well. Older, dog savvy kids should be ok but I have no way of testing this. Zoey will be ready to go once she is spayed and healed up. 

Herschel is a 5 year old Border Collie/Australian Cattledog mix.  He is a cutie and his overbite just adds character.  He is pretty good with other dogs, but should not go to a home with small prey animals.  He might like a dog sport like Barn Hunt!  He is a compact dog and doesnt take up much room, even when sleeping on the bed next to you.  
Molly is a 9 year old Border Collie mix (maybe some sheltie in there? Or?)  She is very petite and cute.  She is an easy girl who just likes to hang out with her people and will paw you to remind you not to stop giving scritches.  She is good with cats and does okay with cats, but would prefer a home with no more than one other dog (all the better to have more attention for her).  We are told she does fine with kids.
Chloe and Bandit

Chloe and Bandit are 4 month old Border Collie/Australian Cattledog mixes.