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Sassy is a 3 year old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix.  Sassy is current on vaccinations and spayed. Sassy is a smaller girl, maybe 40 lbs.  She is active and would do best with a job to keep her busy.  She is not a good fit for children or cats.  Sassy would probably be best as an only dog or with a male dog for company.  She is very loving to her person.  She can be good with other people but needs to be introduced properly or she can be inclined to sneakily nip at strangers.  She would be good running partner.  Sassy has been waiting a while for just the right home, are you it?
Yukon is a 4 year old Australian Shepherd/Australian Cattledog mix.  So far Yukon has turned out to be a big loving Teddy bear. I can't find much to complain about him. He chases the cats but is not aggressive.  The old story, they run he chases. He is already getting along with my female Cocker Spaniel (she puts him into place if he gets too "close" and my male Chihuahua. He doesn't want to be the Alpha male. He is clearly afraid of my husband but already it is better than yesterday. He barks if someone approaches the house. He loves to be combed and it will be a daily routine.  He flinches when I throw a ball or if he is touched too sudden!. He will regain trust in short time I believe. He has not attempted to jump fences. He is definitely smart and walks on a leash. Even if he pulls hard at the beginning of a walk, he settles in. He says hi (paw)! He just needs a lot of loving touch and he will be such a winner!! He really is a very beautiful dog!!

Cookie is a 8 year old Border Collie/Labrador Retriever mix.  She is good with kids and cats and fine with dogs that respect her space.  She loves water, toys, and cuddling!  She is an active girl who enjoys hiking and playing in the hose.  She is wild about her ball and loves to play fetch.  Cookie is spayed and current on vaccinations.
Sebastien is a 4 year old Australian Shepherd mix with a tail.  He is housetrained and likes to play with balls and other toys.  Sebastien is a good hiking buddy and while not over the top around the house, can keep up with you for a nice long hike.  He would like to chase horses and cats so would do best without that option.  Sebastien is neutered and current on vaccinations.  Sebastien loves his people but can be pretty protective around strangers so needs a home that is willing to continue to work with him to manage those behaviors.
Rook is a fun loving and active dog. He is 2 years old. His mother is a purebred Border Collie and it is presumed that his father is a Yellow Lab. Rook loves to chew on a good bone or go for a jog. He loves, LOVES, loves to swim and is an amazing companion. Rook also loves to play ball and retrieve.  He would be a good companion for a young single guy. Rook needs a home with a strong/comfortable owner. He does not do well with other dogs and needs to be in a one dog only family. He is incredibly loving and will always stay by your side proud to be your dog.  Rook is neutered and current on vaccinations.
Bailey the Black Lab
Bailey turned 2 in January. She is good with cats. She is a lab mix. She is protective when it comes to new people, but is very friendly after she sees that the new person was accepted by us. My daughter plays with bailey and bailey plays back, bailey loves to play with children, but should go to a home without small children as she likes to nip at heels when there is a high level of activity. Another downfall for bailey would be how she barks/bites at tires. Bailey loves the water, car rides, walks, playing ball and any family activity. Bailey is spayed, house trained and current on vaccinations.
Wrigley is a 4 year old neutered Australian Shepherd with a tail.  Wrigley's disposition is sort of "grumpy old man" mixed with "silly puppy."  He likes going for walks and hanging out, but likes to do things in his own way and at his own pace.  Wrigley would do best in a home with no cats and no children.  Doesn't he look better all cleaned up and groomed?
Rose is a 1 year old spayed female Border Collie mix.  She is fairly small, about 40 lbs.  She is very loving and affectionate to her person.  She is housetrained.  Rose will do best with an experienced handler as she is somewhat reactive to strangers and tends to bark at them.  She is also possessive of her person around other dogs.  But she is a fun companion and snuggle buddy.
Razzle is a gorgeous, sweet 7 year old Border Collie.  He is a loving dog that is generally good with other dogs and does okay with cats.  He is good with older children.  Razzle has separation anxiety and would do best in a home where people are home a lot or where he can go with them.  Razzle is neutered and current on vaccinations.
Prancer is about a year and a half years old, stands 21" at the shoulders and weighs 38 lbs. My daughter calls him Prancer because of the way he throws his front feet in the air when he walks, like he's prancing. He's very sweet, loves people, kids and dogs. He loves loves to play and wrestle with other dogs. He's okay with cats. Prancer walks great on a leash and is potty trained. He's really a great cuddler. 
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae is an active 9 year old Corgi.  Super cute!
​​Zoey is a two year-old spayed smooth coat female border collie mix. This high energy pup loves to play all out, but can settle down after play time. Zoey loves to give and receive hugs as she will melt in your arms. She would be a great companion for another high energy dog playing chase, romping, and taking long hikes. Zoey knows basic commands like sit, lie down, and is leashed trained. She is house broke, crate trained and doesn’t push the fence in the back yard. She has been around our cats and other’s small dogs, and although she may be a little too inquisitive, has shown no malice towards them.  She could easily be taught skijoring. She has been around horses and likes these “big dogs”. She has a neurological issue that gives her an odd gait, but don't make the mistake of thinking it will slow her down, all she knows is that her job is to have frolicking fun. Zoey lives life to the fullest, and puts a smile on your face every day. Zoey needs a home that understands her high energy needs and if you are that home she will reward you with lots of love and devotion.
Shep is a corgi crossed with an Australian Shepherd. He's overweight and needs to lose some more. He's six to seven years old and he's about 16 inches tall, he probably weighs about 35 pounds. He gets along well and even plays with the other dogs in the house - but he has a history of taking a dislike to some dogs. He's housetrained and neutered. He plays fetch. Loves to give kisses and plays with toys and balls by himself. He'll sit next to at your feet or on the couch next to you and cuddles up. He likes to be by his owner's side. He does like to do some barking when outside. He is super protective of the house and his mistress when people come over - doesn't bite but will bark and growl. He does like to hang out underneath the bed which is funny to watch because he's a bit overweight and it take a bit of work to get underneath the bed. Here's what I like best about Shep, sometimes he walks around the house grumbling to himself. Sometimes I walk around the house grumbling to myself - so I totally understand him. I have no idea what Shep is saying but it's funny. I'll say, "What's wrong, Shep?" and he'll look at me, wag his tail and then walk away grumbling to himself. I imagine he is upset about the state of the world. It's funny. It makes me laugh. He can sit, lay down and shake your hand. Excellent on recall. Loves to go on walks, (but can only walk short distances ) and loves belly rubs - in fact, the first thing he wants in the morning is a good tummy rub. He loves to go on car rides and he is very good in the car.  He can't jump on a bed. So, he sleeps under the bed. He can jump on the couch but he really does need some assistance, so usually does not. He sometimes snores. In short, this is a good dog for the right family. Maybe he would be happiest all by himself with a family without young children.  He's funny in a corgi-stubborn sort of way and he's charming and beautiful in an sort of Aussie way.  He's ready for some good luck. 
Jill is a 9 month old Australian Cattledog / Border Collie mix.   She is a very active, inquisitive girl.  She is a petite girl, maybe 30 lbs.  She is SO smart.  She loves to wrestle non-stop with her dog buddies.  She will need a busy home to keep up with her.
Miss Mattie is a Border Collie/Whippet mix that is about a year and a half old. Her favorite activity is running, running, and more running around hay pastures! Her next favorite activity would be digging in the yard. She is a quiet girl who gets along wonderfully with all dogs. She does enjoy cat watching as well, but does not harm, and the same with goats/sheep (typical Border Collie behavior). She loves children, but does get alarmed at loud noises, so quiet, respectful, non-chasing children would be best. She loves the country life, going out and helping with chores such as feeding horses, and watering pastures. She has been involved in agility classes, and LOVES to attend. She loves the 18 foot tunnel, and is wonderful with basic obedience commands. Her confidence has increased since attending the classes, but is still scared and timid in new situations. She loves working for treats, and it would be great for her to continue classes. Little Miss Mattie is about 30 pounds and has a very thin frame. She is looking for a home that is active, needs room for her to continue her love of free running (hopefully a fenced acre or two), and a family that will love her like she deserves. She is a house pup who is very calm, and sleeps soundly in her crate each night that is next to her foster moms bed. She does need to be contained (either inside the home in a room or outside in a kennel) when home alone, and an outside kennel needs to be one that she can not dig out of. She has done great contained in a laundry room for up to 8 hours (work day) with a canine buddy. She is very thin, and would need to be inside on cold days. This little girl also has a pretty large appetite, eating more than pups twice her size! Mattie would also love other canine friends to run and play with. ​
His name is roscoe he is 3 yrs old. He weighs about 60 lbs. He's a blue heeler Australian Shepard mix. He is current on all his shots and I got him the rattle snake vaccination as well. I am looking to re home him because I moved to town and don't have the time to give him any more because he was not able to come with me. He is neutered. He is leash broke. He will ride in the car great. He is good with other dogs. Doesn't like cats and he's never been around kids. The only time I have had him be aggressive is when a stranger tried to walk on to our deck that was not welcomed by us. He loves to play will fetch a ball. Very playful loves attention. 
3 year old, male pure bred Australian Shepard to someone with a home that has more time for him. He is neutered and up to date on shots, except rabies (has, previously had it, will need booster). Knows sit, stay, down, heel, but is willing to learn more. Has a desire to "work" on a farm or ranch. Great with adults and older children, doesn't realize his own size when around younger children. Loves to play with other dogs, will probably chase cats. Would benefit from having space to run. Doesn't chew on dig.
Jackson is an 11 year old Springer Spaniel/Border Collie mix.  He was very shut down when he was dumped in a shelter due to changes in his owners "life circumstances."  He is still very confused and worried, but would love to have a patient home to love him and remind him that life is good.  Jackson is such a sweet little guy! He can be shy and scared, and is looking for a home that can support him and show him the good life. When he comes out of his shell, he's sweet and loving. He is so happy to see you when you get home, he jumps for joy. He loves to go for walks and gets excited as soon as he sees a leash. He is great with other dogs, cats, and chickens (though he will chase chickens if they run a lot). Jackson sometimes responds to pain/scary situations by nipping, so he would do best in a home without small children.

Bear is a male, 1 year old, 42 lb., neutered Australian Cattle Dog. He is a typical young Heeler, fairly high energy. Bear is learning sit, stay, down, come and drop. He is pretty much a blank slate. Can be fearful at times although that is lessening. He loves and requires exercise. He is not great on a leash yet but is excellent on a bike. We are still working on getting him house broke. But I see a lot of potential in this boy. 
Laney is a 7 year old Catahoula Leopard dog.  She is a lover and if she is exercised enough, she's a great inside dog too! She responds to basic commands and is very sharp. She can be a bit of a raccoon with the garbage, but, most of that is out of boredom. If the garbage is not readily accessible, it's not a problem. is great with kids of all ages (we have a 4 year old and a 1.5 year old). Cats probably aren't a great fit for her...not because she growls and attacks, but, she really wants to chase and play. She gets along with other dogs and LOVES to be outside and run. 
Meet Piper…the Thanksgiving miracle pup. On November 1, 2014, Piper was traveling with her owner.  Something happened that caused the driver to lose control and roll the vehicle. She was killed in the accident.  Piper was uninjured but very scared and ran off. She was found and reunited with her owners family on Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, they have found caring for her in the wake of her owner's loss to be too much and are looking for an amazing home for her.  She is a sweet, energetic little mix with a ton of potential. She is very quick to learn. She is pretty well house broken. Not great on a leash but she is young (not quite a year) and will learn the ropes quickly. She is spayed, micro chipped and current on her vaccinations. She was great with dogs but not with the cat. She loves squeaky toys and I believe she thought the cat was a good one. She weighs between 18 and 20 pounds.

Ann is a 3 year old female Australian Cattledog.  She is very petite.  Ann LOVES people and is a very faithful companion.  She is good with other dogs.
Lacie is a 2 year old Border Collie mix. She is house trained. She is good with other dogs and likes to play with other playful dogs. She is medium energy level and very intelligent. She is picking up on basic obedience commands very quickly. We are training her using clicker training techniques. She really likes toys and cannot get enough of playing tug. She is shy with new people and needs some time to warm up to them before they pet her. She is affectionate once she is comfortable with people. ​ She is pretty good in a crate but occasionally barks when we first ask her to go in. However, she calms down quickly. She has also been good loose in the house and has not displayed any inappropriate chewing etc. Lacie was hit by a car before she came to rescue. She had a laceration repaired on a rear paw and there is some scarring as a result. Since coming to rescue, we found that she also had a broken toe in that paw that was not appropriately treated. We are treating it now and trying to help it heal as best possible. She has some arthritis developed in that paw already. She does seem to do quite well despite the injury and it does not seem to bother her most of the time. She will need some maintenance and care to make sure she does not overdo it. However, we are hopeful that after some treatment she should be able to participate in most normal activities. ​

  Hi, I’m Hannah, a very loving, young shepherd-mix girl with the most gorgeous eyes and beautiful, rich coat coloring! I love to amuse myself with toys or by playing fetch or tug with my human. You can also find me chasing birds out of the backyard — so much fun! My foster family has three dogs that I love to play with, too. I am very comfortable with my foster mom and dad, but tend to initially fear strangers, especially tall males, so my foster mom has me go to my crate and gives me a treat, which helps me immediately relax. I walk well on a leash, but dog parks are too much for me right now. My confidence keeps improving as time goes by in this consistent, supportive environment. I am very proud to say that I do know some commands, such as Sit and Come, and I know how to shake hands! I am looking for a Forever Home that will provide the oving and confidence-building support which my foster home has and a Forever Family to whom to give my loyalty and love! Are you that family?

Rio has some issues with strange dogs and needs an experienced home.  This pretty boy is about 5-6 yrs old and ready for someone to be his best buddy.
Missy is a 2 year old purebred papered Australian cattledog.  She is slightly shy, but wonderfully sweet.  She does have a full tail.  
Ethel is a 3 year old Australian Cattledog mix.  She came to us as a feral dog and has come so far, but still needs a very special person to commit to her and keep working with her on socialization.
Mystic is likely a Kelpie x heeler mix  About 8 months old. Currently about 30 lbs.  She is gorgeous and ever so sweet.  Good with dogs, cats and kids.  Mystic does have limited vision but with a patient home that doesn't move the furniture often, she will be a once in a lifetime dog.  She makes an awesome office dog that is completely mellow and great with all visitors.  Mystic is spayed and current on vaccinations.
 Gus is a purebred male blue merle aussie. He is about 3 years old.  Gus is very sweet and affectionate with people. I had him groomed and he was the best behaved dog my groomer ever had, he rides good in the car. 
Update: Gus came to us with a plate in one leg, unfortunately, we have found this plate and the bone in his rear leg to be very infected.  Gus will have his leg amputated and will be available for adoption towards the end of April.
Ivanhoe is a 2 year old Bearded Collie/Australian Shepherd mix.  ​He is about 40 lbs.  This super cute guy is a real joy.

Gracie, born May 28, 2014, is a tricolor border collie mix and looking for a family of her own. Gracie loves to play fetch, wrestle with other dogs and enjoys a game of chase.   Even though Gracie would enjoy another confident and playful canine buddy and she would be okay as an only dog. She is curious about cats, however, doesn't bother them and can peacefully co-exist with cats. She is crate and house trained and currently weighs 34 pounds. ​

Bandit was found stray.  He is a little under a year old.  He is a absolutely handsome dog, who loves to have fun! 
He has not been worked with on a leash, but he is starting to learn really fast. He is extremely smart. He can be a little nervous of some people. He is very playful and full of love and energy. 
I wanted to introduce you to Ranger, our 1 1/2 year old border collie mix. We rescued Ranger when he was 8 weeks old. . At that time we lived in a house with a backyard. Due to unforeseen financial difficulties we had to move into a townhome with no yard. We thought it would be temporary but our financial situation has not changed. Ranger is quite an active dog that needs room to run. He is very protective and constantly barks at anyone that might walk by. At the dog park though, he does not bark and gets along well with other dogs.   My son is unable to play with his friends because of Ranger's behavior so we have been forced to lock Ranger up. He probably should not be in a home with young kids.   Ranger has all his immunizations and has been neutered.
Dublin is a 2 year old female half border collie, half australian shepherd.  She loves, loves, loves people.   We have two boys (12 and 15) and she is good with them as well. She is housetrained and very mellow in the house. She likes to have a bone of some sort to gnaw on. Since we have had her we take her all over the place, so she is now very comfortable riding in cars. We are starting to try walking her around in town more so she can get used to more sights and sounds and seeing other dogs. She is knowledgeable of some basic obedience like sit, down and come. (However, "come" is irrelevant if she's after a rabbit). She does walk very well on a leash. And she is fun to have with you on hikes or cross country skiing (though she has chased after deer and is on the lookout for other things to chase). When it is time to go for a walk she is very excited and does jump a bit on you (I'm working on that). She has been very quick to adjust to being a more inside dog after being an outside dog and she is quickly learning the routine and her manners.  Dublin has a high prey drive and should not be placed in a home with cats, chickens or other small animals.  She would do best in a home without small children.  She can be reactive to some dogs.
Bristol is a 2-3 year old female Border Collie/ Shepherd type mix.  
Eva is a 1 year old Australian Cattledog.  She is a stocky 37 lb girl.  She is a fun hiking buddy.  Eva loves the view from above, she would always prefer to be on the crate than in it :)  Eva may have some herding potential.  She would do best in a home without cats.
Lizbeth is a German Shepherd mix.  She is just under a year old.  She has super soft eyes and you can tell she is a sweetie just by looking at her.
Frankie Girl
​Frankie is a 2 year old female Australian Cattledog mix.  She is a sweet girl who loves attention from her people.
Collin is a cutie pie.  He has such a nice expression.  Collin is a mixed breed dog and about 1 year old.
Foster home pics
Shelter pic
Kimba is a wonderful 8-year old Australian Shepherd.  He is looking for a new home because his owner is moving out of the country. He can be aggressive towards other dogs. He is an amazing dog in every other way! He is neutered and up to date on vaccinations! He also loves all people and is incredibly bright. He is AKC registered and he has titles in both obedience and agility.
Layla is a 5 year old mixed breed sweetheart.  She is looking for a new home because her owner's fiancé is allergic.  She loves attention.  She is an absolute sweetheart once she is comfortable. Whenever she meets a new person, it typically takes a few times for her to be herself. Layla is extremely healthy.  Layla can be timid in new environments but again, she does warm up to people once she’s around them enough. She does love attention and can be bratty if she doesn’t get enough. The only thing I’ve seen with her bratty behavior is she will eat other animals food and tuperware… She has a strange affinity for tuperware. Again, she only acts out when she’s bored or isn’t getting enough attention.  Layla has lived with dogs and cats before and has always had an easy time with other animals with the exception of one very unruly and invasive 1 yr old puppy.  She never snapped at this dog but I could see the frustration. She absolutely loves the outdoors, loves running and loves toys. She can keep herself entertained for hours throwing her toys around or just running in circles. It’s quite enjoyable to watch her play by herself actually. Layla will follow you around the house and always make sure she knows what you’re doing! 

Rudy is a cute mixed breed puppy.
Wynona is a female 2 year old Border Collie mix.  She is on the smaller side (approx. 27 lbs).  A little shy currently but very sweet. She is ever so smart and lovable. She does well on a leash and needs some work with that but loves her walks. Has fairly good recall off leash but also needs work on that. She hasn't had any accidents. I have her on a pretty good routing so she is responding well to not peeing in the house and going outside for her business. She crates well, gets a long with other dogs. Wy is shy when she first meets people. She bonds quickly to a person as she wants her human. She is a playful little girl and seems to be very happy. I love her coat as it has brown shot thru it. Very pretty. This is a special smart girl who needs her family. She wants to be home and start her life of forever home. Would be a good running/hiking partner or agility. Energy level is good. Not to high and she settles right down in the house
Sissy is 8 months old.  A really nice dog.

Meet Axel! He is a 2-year-old Golden Retriever/Border Collie Mix with a heart of gold. He loves to play and run and is wonderful with other animals and children. He is up to date on all shots and is neutered. He is fun loving 
and enjoys being snuggled, playing fetch, and playing with other dogs. Axel has a very sweet heart and needs his forever home!​
What a sweet love Becca is. Becca is 3 yr old heeler cross. Maybe 40 lbs? She is aloof when you first meet her. Warms up to you and wants to be by your side. She gets along well with other dogs and is playful with them. She crates well and walks ok on a leash. She needs work on that. I love her beautiful face. She has such sweet eyes that match her sweet disposition. I think Becca would be a great hiking partner. She is a very loyal girl and would make someone a wonderful addition to a family
Bernie is a beautiful 9 month old Australian Shepherd/ Australian Cattledog mix. He was supposed to be a mini, but currently he's a little over 50 lbs and is above knee height. He is really sweet.
Suzy Q
Suzy Q is a uniquely marked female Australian Cattledog.
​Meet Ash the Australian Shepherd mix!  He is almost 8 months old now and full of energy.  He is looking for a new home capable of giving him the mental and physical stimulation he needs.  He is neutered and up to date on all of his vaccinations. He has lots of energy and loves to sprint around in the park. He has had a great, happy life, and received some training and socializing.  Training-wise, he is 100% potty trained. He has also mastered "Heel", "Sit", "Stay", "Leave it", "Shake", "Put 'er there" (high five), "Down", and "Off". He is incredibly smart, and even a little bit stubborn. He even knows how to open doors. We have purchased several mentally stimulating toys, and those work well (for a little while) to keep his mind occupied. He has always been a little skittish around other dogs (shies away with his tail between his legs), especially with bigger dogs.  We are happy to say he has gotten way more comfortable and will run around with bigger dogs at the park, with only a little bit of hesitation.  He requires exercise first thing in the morning and then again later in the day, or he gets bored and destructive. Note: he is not destructive when we're not home – only when he is trying to get our attention or act out because he's not getting his way (a trip to the park at that very second is our guess). We learned that the hard way – we have gone through a couple pillows, and the corner of the rug in our living room is chewed up. If he has the appropriate amount of activity though, he is great and sleeps most of the day. He has appointed himself the job of guarding our apartment. We have sliding glass doors, and he sits in front of them for hours at a time, occasionally barking at neighbors that walk by too quickly. He is not crate trained. We tried initially, and he hated it. So as soon as he was potty trained, we started leaving him out in the apartment, even when we leave. He also sleeps in our bed most nights. He has a very cute way of letting us know he's ready to get up in the morning – repeatedly putting one paw down on the bed by our faces. When we go on walks, he has to be in the back to make sure everyone is accounted for. :) He loves to lick our faces when we get home. He's great with people – very enthusiastically greeting them. He hasn't been around children very often, but on occasions where he has encountered kids at the park, he has been friendly. I'm not sure about him being in a home with young kids because of his lack of serious exposure and his energetic nature, however. He is incredibly cute, and we know he will make someone who is ready for the commitment very happy.

Disney Puppies
​8 pups- 1 female, 7 males.  Currently only 4 weeks old so not available yet, but go ahead and send in your application.  Possible border collie/sheltie mix, but all that is known for sure is they are a mix.