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Quirk is a 4 year old mixed breed (according to his DNA test, more than 6 breeds!)  He has an endearing expression and a sweet personality.  He is pretty shy with people, especially men, but clearly wants to be involved with them.  His ideal home would be a quiet and patient single person who would let him snuggle on the bed and go hiking, but would not expect him to be a social butterfly with strangers.  He is fine with cats with a proper introduction.  Oh, and did we mention the cutest ears?  Quirk is neutered and current on vaccinations.
Thomas is a border collie/corgi mix.  He is about 2 years old.  He is a character but probably needs an experienced and firm home as he will push limits when permitted.
​We’ve had some time to get to know Rally in foster care and have discovered his LOVE for people is unwavering! This 65lb. Aussie mix has a big heart, loves to snuggle, and can learn any new trick quickly since he’s so treat motivated. Rally loves to be outdoors and with his long legs and sturdy build, he is an excellent hiking companion. He would need a good amount of daily exercise to continue to be his happy self! Rally found himself in a shelter after being picked up as a stray, so we don’t know much about his past. Rally is selective with other dogs and would ideally like to be the only dog because he loves to be the center of attention. Rally’s ideal home would be an active couple or single person who are willing to work with him to get him to his full potential (and from what we’ve seen, the sky is the limit), a home that loves to be the world to their dog, and NO CATS. We believe he’s around 3-4 years old, he’s fully vetted, and he's more than ready to find his forever home!  
Dallas is a 6 year old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie/Cattledog mix.  He is super affectionate with his owner and likes to sleep under the covers when its cold out.  Dallas tends to make questionable decisions in ambiguous situations and needs a handler with a quiet lifestyle and good management skills.
Wrigley is a neutered 9 year old​ Australian Shepherd with a tail.  He's had a tough past and will need a patient person who is willing to accept his quirks.  He can be very loving and is a handsome boy.  He does have high anxiety and a few behaviors such as pulling on a leash and not tolerating grooming well.

Opie is an active, high energy three-year-old Border Collie. He is neutered and up to date on vaccinations. He does best with plenty of exercise such as daily walks and the games of fetch with a ball or Frisbee that he demands. He just wants to be with you as you work around the yard, or as your off leash hiking, horseback, even bicycle companion. Opie endured some rough times before he came into Herd and while he has made great progress, he still has some issues to work out with his forever home. It is recommended that Opie not be in a home with small children or dominant male dogs, as he has food aggression issues. He has gotten used to our cats but is still wary of them when they get close. He would be best with an active rural family where he has a job to do and be in the company of his people.  
Georgina is a 2 year old black and white Australian Shepherd.  She is a sweet girl and has some nice basic foundations.  She can be a little possessive of toys and people and would do best in a home with no small children.  Georgina seems to have a low threshold for stimulation, especially auditory stimulation, and we have enrolled her in a class that aims to teach her how to disengage from the environment and focus on the handler in times of stressThis girl has some great sport potential for agility or disc etc.  She definitely needs an active home.
Ghost is a 1-1 ½ year old neutered Australian Shepherd that wants to be your buddy. He is house broke, knows his basic commands, and is really smart so could teach him more. He is also showing interest in working sheep. Ghost is up to date on his rabies. He gets along with female dogs but not males.
​Verkin is a 4-5 year old Australian Shepherd.  He is a big guy, about 55 lbs.  He would do best in an experienced home that will get him lots of exercise.  A home without small children is a must for Verkin.  
Petunia is a 1 year old border collie mix.  She is active and playful.  She really likes people but can have a little submissive urination when she is excited.  She will be a great companion.
​Raina is a very beautiful and athletic 8 year old red heeler. She is a good hiking dog and has taken agility classes. She is very well behaved and is also a snuggle puppy. She loves to fetch!  She needs to be an only dog and must live in a home that does not have cats or small children.  
Mace and Maybelle
​These sweet pups are approaching 5 months old.  1 male and 1 female still available: Maybelle and Mace.  These mixed breed pups (DNA suggests very mixed with border collie, australian cattledog, and Swiss shepherd in the mix) are looking for loving, active homes.  Please note that we do not place siblings together.
Clover is a 1 year old Australian Kelpie.  She is a happy and lovable puppy. Her favorite thing is getting cuddled. She plays very well with toys, enjoys bones and likes to toss toys for herself including tennis balls. She does well on a leash, she's very interested in rabbits and will try to chase them but redirects her attention easily. She can get along well with other dogs but does struggle with sharing attention from her humans with another dog, so if brought into a family with another dog she will need some training to get past that. She is still being house trained but is eager to learn and to please her humans. She is very food motivated. She already knows sit, down, and is learning stay and rollover. She likes to run around for a bit outside, but is generally a fairly low energy dog that is happy to chew on a toy next to you in the house. She does have a bit of separation anxiety so she would be happiest with someone that works from home, is retired, or has a few weeks of time off to work with her training until she has more confidence in herself.
Douglas is a 4 month old border collie mix.  He shows lots of eye and may have herding potential.  He is also a lover and wants everyone to be happy.  He is good with dogs and cats and we feel he would do fine with nice children too!  What a wonderful pup!

Oreo is a 2 year old neutered male border collie.  Oreo came in with some touch sensitivity, which has greatly improved.  He is now a very cuddly boy, but because of this history, we are recommending no homes with children under 13.  Oreo likes to fetch and would probably also be a good running buddy.  He would do best in a home without cats.
Raymond is approximately 12 months old and is current on vaccines, heartworm and flea preventive. He was relinquished by his owners after being hit by a car and sustaining a left femur fracture. He is five months out from repair of the femur fracture. We applied a plate for repair that was successful but not ideal. The implant was removed on May 4, 2018. Raymond’s left hind is slightly shorter than the right but he is comfortable and uses the leg well.  I do not suspect it will be much of an issue going forward.
During his convalescence he was kenneled a lot for activity restriction. During that time he was on trazodone for anxiety. He is still kenneled more than I would like but he is completely weaned off the trazodone. He is a great running buddy and works great on a gentle leader, he will maintain a pretty loose lead unless something triggers his “chase” or nose. Even though he was hit by a car, he would love to chase those wheels. It is very ingrained in his hard drive. And the louder the better! He is doing pretty awesome in his obedience class.
I think Raymond would do best in a home without small children. There are small children in my home but he is never with them without direct supervision. Raymond is extremely prey driven and I would fear that any small pets would be at extreme risk with him. So he would not be good in a home with cats and other small dogs. He has a lot of energy/excitement and needs a lot of activity so a farm or home with a fenced backyard. He does chase a ball, we have been working on that. I am not sure how much he was indoors the first part of his life. He has door anxiety and likes to explode through doors, we are working on that as well. He does like to put his mouth on things. At this point his nipping has been typical puppy behavior although I feel like it escalates when Raymond is not getting his way for example when we turn around on runs. Those behaviors are pretty easily turned around at this point when they are recognized. 
Raven is a spayed female border collie mix.  She has awesome eyes!  Raven is a beautiful, loving, energetic border collie mix. She is about 8 months to a year old and still acts like a puppy. She loves to cuddle, but at the same time cant sit still. She loves to steal anything and everything from shoes to clothes and remotes and take them outside. She doesn't usually destroy the items, just likes to take them outside. She can be a little mouthy, but i think that is the puppy in her and a lack of training. She never bites to be aggressive or to hurt you, she just doesn't understand yet that it's not okay. She does talk a lot!. She has a little whine that she uses when playing with other dogs or wanting something from us. She does well with other dogs, to the point she never wants to stop playing. Bed time is a little hard right now, but we're working on it. She loves to play fetch, with shoes haha, we're working on it with a ball still. She really does have a silly personality and loves to be around people. She does well in the car and on a leash. Not sure on kids or other animals as we don't have either around. 
Ghost B was born 11/15/14.  He is 70 pounds, neutered and up to date on vaccines. Ghost is a Catahoula x Border Collie He is a wonderful cow dog. He worked for a year with my husband on the Padlock Ranch in Sheridan. He loves to trail the back of a herd and make sure nobody runs back on you. He also has no hesitation about going to the front of a cow or bull and nipping them on the nose to get them turned around. Ghost has never shown any signs of aggression. He is a sweet dog that will work hard for you but at the end of the day would enjoy nothing more than to be pet and loved on. Good with other dogs. Not good with kids. Not good with cats. Good around horses. LOVES to be sprayed with the hose. Ghost will chase the stream of water for hours. He will swim in any body of water. 
Ghost B
Foxy is a sweet German Shepherd/Collie mix.  She is great with cats, likes to play with playful dogs, and is good with people.  She weighs about 55 lbs. and is 6 years old.  She likes to hike on leash or romp in the yard.  

From Maddie's current owner: She’s spayed, knows her manners, and is kennel trained. She’s approximately 7 years old. She is sweet natured around people, but pretty timid, and no problems at all with being house broken. She has a tendency to whine, but does not bark, except at squirrels.
My son has three dogs…Maddie who looks to be a heeler cross (found by the sheriff’s department when she was a small puppy and my son took her) and two Australian sheepdogs. With another dog added to the mix, plus another two dogs that were staying there, it’s been too much for her and she was constantly snapping at all these dogs. She’s been staying with us since as we have no dogs. My husband and I travel for work a lot, so she can’t stay with us forever. 
We think she would do well where there are no other dogs, and would be fine with a family as she has been around children, my son has daughters that she was raised with.

Hi! We’re Sal and Dean! Two sweet young boys who love to play with toys, each other and our foster siblings! We are about two years old and are petite guys. 

We’re a bit shy at first and are learning the rules of living in a house after moving up from the shelter. We do great with crating and have been doing an awesome job of house training with regular potty breaks. 

Sal is independent but loves playing with other dogs big and small! 
Hi! I'm Dean! A sweet young boy who loves to play with toys and my foster siblings! I am about two years old and on the petite side. 

I'm a bit shy at first and are learning the rules of living in a house after moving up from the shelter. I do great with crating and have been doing an awesome job of house training with regular potty breaks. 

I am very snugly and love being held by my humans.  
Bella's puppies
​Viola is approximately 2 years old.  She is a sweet, but very shy dog.  She does well with nice or playful dogs.  She is okay with cats, but might be frightened by rambunctious children.  

Martha is an incredible bundles of active, loving joy born around June 1st of this year. She is a beautiful smooth coat border collie. The parents are both working dogs who move cows day in and day out. Martha has athleticism, drive, work ethic and a healthy dose of fun loving play! She LOVES all people, especially children and respects the 5 resident BCs in the foster home. She has shown no interest in chasing the cat. Martha is crate trained, doing well on leash, has good recall, is gaining important puppy skills and doing very well on house training. She will require a lot of mental and physical stimulation. An active home that will give her a job to do – whether herding, agility, fly ball, running, hiking, biking, or whatever is essential. 

Maybelline is a very sweet and timid girl who gets along great with my other dogs and even my overly bold cat, who she sometimes plays with (it's really cute). She has taken to clicker training enthusiastically and is quite smart. She is kind of a velcro dog - she just wants to be with her person (maybe people - I am the only person in my house, so...). If you're looking for a snuggler, she will be happy to oblige. She is mostly food motivated, but she does enjoy the toys and chewies in the house. She did well at the vet - didn't freak out when the vet examined her and was perfectly amiable with her, though obviously not thrilled to be in that environment. And her velcro nature has been useful for leashwork. 
Maybelline's challenges are a pretty lengthy list, but there's nothing too terrible on it. This dog does not have a mean or bitey bone in her body. She is scared of loud noises, including thunder, and she has some separation anxiety that seems to be mostly associated with being left in a crate. She does eventually settle down in the crate if there's another dog in the room with her. She is a very mild resource guarder (if the resource is me), and she is pretty needy. We have not yet started working on playing with the ball, so we'll see what happens in that regard. She also can chew her way through a harness or a computer card with just a few bites, but she's some kind of kelpie mix and my current kelpie did this when he was her age - he grew out of it. 
If you're looking for a companion dog you could not go wrong with her - she's a total lovebug and is very responsive to training. If you have another dog or other pets, she would be an ideal choice; in fact, it seems best for her to go to a home with other dogs (cats are a bonus) as she loves to play with my pack. She is probably about a year old, and I think Maybelline will have a lot more to offer as she comes out of her shell more. ​
Freya is a beautiful, young (almost 1.5 years) blue merle border collie. She weighs 50 lbs and stands 23 inches at shoulders, up-to-date on all vaccinations and on heart worm preventative. She is an enthusiastic pup with a lot of instinct and a love of life. High energy and driven, she prefers to stay active throughout the day. In training to be a Service Dog from a young age, she is highly skilled and alert. Her independent nature has prevented the high level of emotional connection needed for a Service Dog. She is very intelligent and has a long list of commands that she has mastered. She knows her tasks, but prefers to not do them when bored. We are making the difficult decision to find her a loving home where she can shine in a more active lifestyle. She would do great in the country with a job such as agility or keeping you company on the ranch all day. Preference will be given to homes where she will have a very active lifestyle and/or live in the country. She has been by my side since 8 weeks old and while not a snuggler, she does sleep on the bed on occasion. She is charming with a strong personality and will. She will entertain herself with mischief if bored. You should also know that she has a high chase instinct. ​
​Bella's puppies were born October 6th.  They look like border collie puppies, but their mom is a chihuahua, so who knows -- we might have more idea as they get bigger.  At this time, we know they are going to be bigger than mom and that they are adorable.  Please fill out an application if you are interested.   We would love to have homes lined up for them when they are old enough.  Please note, we do not place sibling pairs together.

​Happy aka Finnegan is an 8 month old border collie mix.  He is super cute and just happy to be out of the shelter.  Little Finnegan is a special little pup. He had a pretty rough start in life but is bouncing back. He has a sweet and fun personality that is starting to shine with some TLC. He is a definite puppy. We are working on him getting housebroke, on not mouthing, and basic obedience. He is smart and is eager to learn. Due to his rough start he does some health concerns that the vet believes he can work through. He had vitamin deficiencies that have affected his legs so we are working on strength training to help build up the muscle and strength in his legs. Over time we hope with the proper nutrition and exercise we can correct these issues. He does great with other dogs, and loves to play till he drops. He has a huge heart and loves everyone he meets. With continued TLC he will became an incredible little guy.

​Darling is young female Australian Cattledog.  At 25-30 lbs she is on the smaller side.  Very sweet.  Good with other dogs.

​Gigi is a 2 year old black and white long haired Chihuahua (but she doesnt mind if you refer to her as a miniature border collie instead).  This is a fun little dog from her soulful eyes when she hangs out with you while watching sad movies to her adventurous smile as she hikes in the mountains.  Gigi is about 8 lbs.  She is good with other dogs and would be fine with gentle, well-behaved kids.

​Samoa is a 6 year old female Border Collie mix. She loves her people and loves to have someone to play with. She does well on the leash with a few reminders to "leave it". She does have aggression towards other animals, she needs to be the only one in the home. Samoa also loves children and is very tolerant of them. She is a very sweet dog who needs to find her forever home.

​Oriole is a 1 year old Australian Cattledog mix.  He likes to be around kids and other dogs. He also gets along with our kitten. Oriole loves to swim, loves to play ball and catch, and loves to take sticks and run and play. He likes squeaky toys and balls and he loves his people. He is a very smart and intelligent dog.  His current owners have a very small yard and have him kenneled because he jumps their fence. He likes to be in the house and cuddle and he likes to be outside. He plays rough because he does not get out of his kennel or yard as much as he wishes. He barks at strangers so he is a good guard dog and very protective but not aggressive. But he does learn quickly and he needs a job to keep himself busy he is a very very active young puppy.


Duke aka Basil
​This is Star and she is a star. She has an incredible amount of energy and seems to be on the go most of the day. Unless she is resting, then she likes to be close to her human. She will need an owner that has time to spend with her and can give her the attention she needs and deserves. She's barely a year old and has not had a lot of (if any) training. We are working on some basic commands and housebreaking. This is made difficult, however, because it appears she has bad experiences in life. She's frightened of commands. She is frightened of strangers and particularly men. She tries to make herself as small as possible when there is a man in the house and is refusing to come inside from outside if she thinks there is a man in the house. She is working on this but it will take a lot patience and consistency to help her overcome early bad experiences. She's worth it. She loves, loves other dogs and loves to play with them. She loves to run and would be a great running companion. She's not trustworthy off leash, yet. She's worth the time and effort for the right home. Beautiful to a fault. Character to Nth degree. She's a lovely lady and worthy of her name. She's a diamond in the rough.  

​This handsome fella is Colt. He is an aussie mix about a year old and has only just arrived. He will weigh about 55 lbs once he is at a healthy weight. He is great with people, great with dogs and learning about cats. Colt is a high energy dog and will need regular exercise in the form of walks, hikes and other activities. He is also a terrific running partner! He is very playful and is excited about having found lots of new toys to play with. His favorites are chew toys like Benebones. Colt loves to play in the snow and doesn’t mind some muddy adventures. He is not startled easily by people or noise at all. He LOVES to be brushed. Colt is doing great on a leash and doesn’t pull when wearing a harness like an easy walker. Since he is a smart boy, he is picking up on expectations and new commands very quickly. Colt is used to sleeping in a crate at night. While he has never had the opportunity to participate in obedience training, we think he is eager to learn and would enjoy it very much. An all-around terrific dog!
​Basil is an approximately 2 year old BEAUTIFUL  male border collie. He is very sweet, very soft and huge pleaser. He would love a home with owners who have a very good understanding of border collies and want to give him a job to keep him out of trouble. He would be a great addition to a sport or performance home; he definitely needs someone to keep up with his busy personality but also someone who understands how help a soft dog gain confidence. He was apparently surrendered to the shelter for chasing horses, but at his first temporary foster home (although never loose with the horses), never ran at the fence or barked at her horses. At his current foster home, he would really like to herd the chickens (again not loose with them) but does not bark or slam into the fence. He really just wants something to do! Basil seems to do well with cats, children, men and women, he just wants to love and work.

Basil is doing great with his foster mom’s dogs, even the small senior dog. When he first came and was extra stressed he was a little protective of his crate, but that seems to be less of an issue. Basil loves his crate and eats in there, sleeps through the night, and will hang out with the door open. His foster homes are the first time he has been inside, and hardwood, concrete and tile floors are scary to him. With a lot of love and patience, he has started to get over it. He is also very sound sensitive, particularly over gun shots. When on walks, if he hears a gunshot he will try to hide under the nearest bush. He would probably be excellent off-leash hiking in an area where shooting is not allowed.
Bella (adopted)
Ebony (female)
Gray Ghost (female)
Paint Brush (male)
Roger (male)
​Maya is a 30 lb mixed breed (kelpie x border collie?)  She is a lovely dog.  Maya came into a small kill shelter pregnant and was pulled to safety in rescue to deliver beautiful babies.  She is about 1 year old.