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Quirk is a 4 year old mixed breed (according to his DNA test, more than 6 breeds!)  He has an endearing expression and a sweet personality.  He is pretty shy with people, especially men, but clearly wants to be involved with them.  His ideal home would be a quiet and patient single person who would let him snuggle on the bed and go hiking, but would not expect him to be a social butterfly with strangers.  He is fine with cats with a proper introduction.  Oh, and did we mention the cutest ears?  Quirk is neutered and current on vaccinations.
Thomas is a border collie/corgi mix.  He is about 5-6 years old.  He is a character but probably needs an experienced and firm home as he will push limits when permitted.
Dallas is a 6 year old Australian Shepherd/Border Collie/Cattledog mix.  He is super affectionate with his owner and likes to sleep under the covers when its cold out.  Dallas tends to make questionable decisions in ambiguous situations and needs a handler with a quiet lifestyle and good management skills.
Wrigley is a neutered 10 year old​ Australian Shepherd with a tail.  He's had a tough past and will need a patient person who is willing to accept his quirks.  He can be very loving and is a handsome boy.  He does have high anxiety and a few behaviors such as pulling on a leash and not tolerating grooming well.

Opie is a young Border Collie around three years old. He is very smart, learning commands often after just a couple instructions. He knows all the basic commands; come, sit, stay, heel, roll over, back up, bring me your ball “no, the other ball”…  He is active and enjoys walks, rides, and just being with his people. He can be high energy, but chills out with you in the evening. He is neutered and up to date on vaccinations. Being a smart active Border Collie, he does best with plenty of exercise and stimulation such as daily walks, following along off leash when you go hiking, horseback riding, or on your bicycle. He really enjoys games of fetch with a ball or Frisbee. He just wants to be with you as you work around the yard and as your travel companion. He loves to go for rides.  
Opie endured some rough times before he came into Herd and has made great progress, however, he still has some food aggression issues to work out with his forever home. But on his walks, he enjoys meeting other people and friendly dogs. He’s very tolerant of the foster puppies we have, letting them haul his ball away and sometimes playing chase with one. At this time, it is recommended that Opie not be in a home with small children. He has gotten used to our cats but is still a little wary of them when they get close. We think he would be best with an active rural family where he has a job to do and be in the company of his people.  

Petunia is a 2 year old border collie mix.  She is a fun, busy bouncy girl, she would love to have another young dog to play with, she loves to run next to the skateboard around town.  She's medium prey drive, doesn't react to running kids, doesn't fetch, bikes are nothing to her. She did chase the kitty when the other dogs did, but otherwise would just be curious, sniffing and mostly ignoring.  She's housebroken so long as someone sees her go to the door to ask to be let out. She sits, downs and has a good recall. She knows wait for food and the door.
She does need to be kenneled without supervision, she will still chew things if her toys are hidden, and will counter surf, this a new behavior, compliments of Claire.  She still will piddle when putting on a collar and won't approach if you if she sees the leash, so we just leash in the kennel and then she's ready and happy to have an adventure.  She's very food motivated I've taught her "yes!" as her mark word and she loves it. She's still working on settling in the house and will make a horrible squeak whine yip noise if kenneled while people are hanging out, but sleeps all night until she has to pee, and is quiet while we're at work. It's just when there's people she wants to be in the middle of things, or wrestle with Claire, or tease Twist with toys.  She rarely submissively urinates, only if she's excited while greeting and gets petted right away. She still has that ingrained reaction, but again, it's so rare that we're surprised when it happens now.
Oreo is a 2 year old neutered male border collie.  Oreo came in with some touch sensitivity, which has greatly improved.  He is now a very cuddly boy, but because of this history, we are recommending no homes with children under 13.  Oreo likes to fetch and would probably also be a good running buddy.  He would do best in a home without cats.
This beautiful gentle girl is Lizzy, an aussie/border collie mix with a tail. Lizzy will weigh about 40-45 lbs when she is at a healthy weight. Lizzy is a medium energy dog, great with people, dogs and cats. She loves nothing more than to be with people! Lizzy is leash trained and very easy to walk without any pulling. Her recall is also pretty good even though she only just arrived and just learned her name! She is a smart and sweet girl, picking up on expectations quickly. Lizzy is also crate trained. She doesn’t love being crated but does fine when crated overnight. Lizzy is still learning about toys, her first discovery is the miracle of antlers. She is still a little timid in crowded or loud environments, but more brave at home. Lizzy is an absolutely terrific companion and will make a great family dog.
Foxy is a sweet German Shepherd/Collie mix.  She is great with cats, likes to play with playful dogs, and is good with people.  She weighs about 55 lbs. and is 6 years old.  She likes to hike on leash or romp in the yard.  
​Viola is approximately 2 years old.  She is a sweet, but very shy dog.  She does well with nice or playful dogs.  She is okay with cats, but might be frightened by rambunctious children.  

Hi, I'm Carly!  I am very sweet and super smart, about 60lbs, and 1.5 years old. I am friendly with people and dogs and I am interested in cats, but once I get a good sniff I treat it like a dog. I am a very playful pup and love to play and romp. I do prefer a home with adults only.  Because I'm so smart, I get bored easily and will start to chew out of boredom. I also go to my crate when asked and will generally calm down there, especially for bedtime! I am an active dog too and would love for someone to take me for hikes, long walks, or running (I love running, but I am still working on leash manners). I am also a good girl at doggie daycare.
This is the third time I’ve had to update Mabel’s profile as she has come so far. She is an amazing and very sweet dog. She was found running loose in New Mexico and looks to be a kelpie, who’s probably about 18 months old.

This dog is quite trainable and, despite her very calm demeanor, has a lot of drive you could develop to turn her into a sport dog. We’ve done some flyball lessons just going over jumps and she is FAST. She would probably also be at least halfway decent at any dog sport you tried with her – she just needs to know what’s expected of her. While she is always happy to play or work, her default is snugglebug. She LOVES to take naps with you and snuggle on the couch with you. She is very social and good with other dogs, cats, adult humans and kids. (Seriously, she LOVES my cat. They play all the time.)

Mabel is also largely bomb-proof. Now that she has settled into her surroundings, nothing disturbs or even startles her. She has grown out of most of her bad habits except for one – she’s a fence jumper. I have a low part to my fence (about chest height) and she will jump over it and into the alley behind my house if she sees something of interest there and all the calling for her will not stop her. That said, she’s not a dog that needs a yard (though a six-foot fence solves the problem entirely). She’s perfectly happy getting her exercise from walks, occasional outings, training and playing in the house with my two dogs and my cat. I think this problem could be overcome through diligent training, but she is not yet what I would consider an “off leash dog” – this is really her only big drawback besides being a bit of a countersurfer.  
​Samoa is a 6 year old female Border Collie mix. She loves her people and loves to have someone to play with. She does well on the leash with a few reminders to "leave it". She does have aggression towards other animals, she needs to be the only one in the home. Samoa also loves children and is very tolerant of them. She is a very sweet dog who needs to find her forever home.

​This is Star and she is a star. She has an incredible amount of energy and seems to be on the go most of the day. Unless she is resting, then she likes to be close to her human. She will need an owner that has time to spend with her and can give her the attention she needs and deserves. She's barely a year old and has not had a lot of (if any) training. We are working on some basic commands and housebreaking. This is made difficult, however, because it appears she has bad experiences in life. She's frightened of commands. She is frightened of strangers and particularly men. She tries to make herself as small as possible when there is a man in the house and is refusing to come inside from outside if she thinks there is a man in the house. She is working on this but it will take a lot patience and consistency to help her overcome early bad experiences. She's worth it. She loves, loves other dogs and loves to play with them. She loves to run and would be a great running companion. She's not trustworthy off leash, yet. She's worth the time and effort for the right home. Beautiful to a fault. Character to Nth degree. She's a lovely lady and worthy of her name. She's a diamond in the rough.  

There are many mysteries in life. One of the big ones is why Doc has not been adopted! Doc is an easy, fun loving, playful, cuddly, cute border collie mix puppy with a great sense of humor! His beautiful red and white coat make him stand out in a crowd; his green-gold eyes are very distinctive and can penetrate even the hardest heart. If you are having a bad day, Doc will turn it into a better day with his enthusiasm, love and charm. He is now about 10 months old and ready for adventure! He LOVES to hike and run! He is ready to hit the ground running in a new home with only a bit of caution for a few months while his young bones and joints continue to mature. He is the perfect age! He is old enough to have house training, crate training, basic obedience, dog social skills and people skills down pat and is old enough to go on longer, more strenuous adventures, yet he is still young enough to have all the pep and joy of a puppy! Doc loves his people, and loves new adventures!  
There is nothing complicated about sweet little Doc. What you see is what you get! He had some baggage due to neglect and harsh treatment when he came into rescue, but he left that behind him months ago. He can be a bit reserved when meeting some new people, but once he knows them his wall of reserve comes crashing down. He is a social pup who likes to be with people. He is exceptional with dogs, good with cats and great with people – large and small. He is also a world class cuddler. He loves to climb onto your lap, lay his head on your shoulder, let out a big sigh and cuddle!  
We are guessing Doc will top the scales at around 35# when mature. We have played with some agility equipment and he loves it! He is confident, athletic, fast and loves to learn. He is a really fun dog to be around and to train. He will excel at whatever he does. The only thing he doesn’t do well is go long periods without exercise. But even if life gets crazy and you miss a day or two of exercise, Doc simply runs laps around the house, barks a bit more, chews on his chew toys with more gusto and plays harder with his other toys. A good, fast game of fetch takes the edge off, and he will go to bed and sleep soundly! He is not a destructive chewer or a nuisance barker.
Doc will be fine as an only dog if he has lots of attention during the day. He is the kind of dog that can go to work with you in a dog friendly environment. If he is alone for most of the day, he should have another dog to play with and pal around with.  
If you are Doc’s forever family/person you can count yourself very lucky! He has brought nothing but joy, happiness and peace to his foster family. He is waiting patiently for his family to find him – and enjoying the journey! 

​Goober is up for adoption because she is a great indoor/outdoor dog. However she is not an apartment dog. The owner has had her for the past 10 yrs., however life changes moved her to an apartment from the ranch. Goober prefers to be around people often and have room to move.  Goober is a 10 yr old, short haired Border Collie.  Goober loves people. She likes to be around all ages of people. She likes to be active. She loves car rides. Goober is more of a one on one dog. She gets protective of what is hers. She is only this way towards other dogs. But she has been raised with small and large dogs. Goober does like to talk quite often. She talks a lot when she is excited especially. She is also an intact female, who will be spayed as part of her placement. Goober is 3 legged but has been that way since she was 3 months old. It definitely doesn’t slow her down. 
Jessie is a 1 year old red/white Australian Shepherd.  She is about 34 lbs, so a nice compact size.  She is super cute and great with other dogs (although a tad pushy, as herding breeds can be).  Speaking of herding, we think this girl would love a home where she could work sheep or cows and work with a herding trainer.  She would also excel at agility.  She definitely needs something to keep her mind and body busy.
Verkin is a 6 year old Australian Shepherd.  He is curretnly about 47 lbs.  He will need an experienced home, but is a lovely, snuggly boy.  He has plenty of energy, but can also have an off-switch.  Verkin is not a candidate for a home that has children under the age of 12.  Verkin tends to bother the kitties, so needs a home with no cats.  He would do fabulously as an only dog or in a home with the right personality of dogs.
Sadie (Arriving Soon)
Flurry loves to snuggle.  He is 4 months old.

Chevy is an 5-8 year old Australian Shepherd, she weighs 31 pounds.  This girl is gorgeous, loving and loyal. She is also protective, maybe a little too protective. She lets people know when they get too close to her foster parents. But once she calms down, she wags her tail and wants your attention. Chevy knows basic commands and is not destructive, she is submissive until she becomes protective. She doesn’t play with our dogs yet, but she has only been with us a week. She is potty trained and uses our dog door. We haven’t had her around cats or small kiddos yet. Chevy would probably love an active household; she joined me on a long run this weekend and had more fun than I did!​
Neko is a cute miniature Australian Shepherd. Generally speaking this dog is a very good dog. Loveable and sweet and housebroken with no bad habits, e.g. doesn't chew up things or get in the garbage. He plays with other dogs and seems to enjoy it. Wonderful on recall. Wonderful with staying in the yard and doesn't bolt out the door. He is a really good dog. However, he has began to guard me as a resource and if he sees another dog getting attention; he becomes aggressive. He is also very good at picking the dogs he knows won't fight back; so he's a bit of a bully. I would strongly suggest a home that either doesn't have other dogs or a home with a dominant dog that he will not challenge. Also, I would suggest he goes to a home with older children or none at all. He's a fun dog, athletic and pretty good with catch but not obsessive. 
Joey is a cute miniature Australian Shepherd about a year and a half old.  Joey weighs 23 lbs.  He is nervous with new people and should not go to a home with small children.  He is okay with cats and selective about dogs.  He is a super cuddlebug once he gets to know you.  he appears to be house trained and is not generally destructive.
Perry is a neutered male Australian Cattledog. We're guessing he is 1-3 yrs old. He loves his people and wants to join in on anything I am doing. He loves to fetch and play with toys but has a good "off" switch when it's time to relax. He is smart and learns quickly. He needs home where he is part of the family and can go hiking and on other adventures. He would even make a great agility or sport prospect. He gets along with females and neutered male dogs. He is very curious about cats but has been fine around them. He pays no attention to the potbelly pig! Perry was brought into a shelter in Utah as a stray. He is quickly becoming house trained, is neutered and current on vaccinations. 
Aries is 11 months old. A very happy boy all the time. He is neutered and has his rabies. He loves to play fetch and squeak toys. He gets along with all size dogs. He is sweet and gentle with my older chihuahuas. He is great with cats and chickens and loves kids. He knows to sit and stay. He loves to be with people. He would love to have at least one other dog his size to run and play with. He settles nicely in the house and kennels at night. He rides nicely in the car. He has been quick to learn. I have him on a healthy diet. He is a very good boy. And very handsome. He just needs a forever family to love and serve. He is an inside dog. He loves the snow.

Sleet loves to play outside with other dogs.  He is 4 months old.

From Thor's owners:  With a heavy heart we are looking to find a home for our dog. He is my sons dog. My son broke his leg and has to move into a smaller place. I have tried to keep his dog for him, but I work so much, I'm rarely home. I feel bad he's in the yard or inside all day. He's a GS Blue heeler mix. He has been neutered and is up to date on all his vaccinations. He's obedient and good with kids, cats and some other dogs. He turned 1 on May 15. 
Lizzy's puppies
Pongo (m)
Sebastien (m)
Mia (f)
Dan (m)
This 2 year old handsome & energetic boy needs a new loving home with an experienced Australian Cattle Dog person. He’s deaf, but you would never know it, and he’s as eager to play, train, and learn, as any hearing dog around! He knows some American Sign Language commands, has lots of food and toy drive, and is ready to work! He’s also great on-leash and loves to walk, hike, trail run, swim, & camp. His perfect furrever home would be a performance/dog sport home, or active pet home, with a person that really understands the breed and his special needs. Like most young cattle dogs, he does best with a strong leader that can give him the guidance he needs, but he’s a devoted and loving companion. He’s always ready to play & train to help keep active, healthy, happy, and safe in a bustling world of hearing dogs and people. When it’s time to relax and have some quiet time, he has a great “off- switch”. He travels great, and is house trained, crate trained, and gets along well with other dogs that love to play. He has lived with another (very small) dog in the home, without issue, but is a little interested in giving chase to cats, so a non-cat home might suit him best. He is neutered, microchipped, and weighs about 45lbs. 

From Moose's owners: Moose is a 1.5 to 2 year old Border Collie. He has been living with us for a little over two months now and is not happy in our living environment and with our lifestyle. He is the sweetest boy without an aggressive bone in his body, but he is very shy, anxious, and scared of a lot of different things - especially new people, crowds, and the normal creaks and cracks of our house. We think he may have had a traumatic and potentially abusive start to his life. He is absolutely the sweetest dog I’ve met however and lets you do anything with him. He is a completely different dog when going on hikes and is at his happiest outside. He does amazing on the leash and walks right by your side. We started working on recall with a long leash and he was getting better. He can sit, go to his kennel on command, and is almost there with lay down and stay. He seems very good with cats and other dogs and would definitely benefit having a dog mentor in the house to teach him how to be a dog. He is curious about squeaky toys, but not sure what to do with them. He isn’t quite sure how to play in general, but it seems he wants to at times. He is extremely mellow and happy just laying at your feet too. His favorite treat is Costco rotisserie chicken. That's been our best tool for training as he doesn’t seem to like other treats. 

He does have some separation anxiety and has escaped from his wire crate. We’ve been working on his crate training and he does well at night but not as well when we leave the house with him in the crate. We’re still working on that one. We left him out one time and he did some damage around the doors. We imagine he would do best in a large fenced yard or ranch with another sweet but more confident dog to mentor him. He loves hikes, following you room to room, and a consistent schedule. He does really well in cars but can get a bit drooly if he is anxious. Having someone experienced in Border Collies with patience and a consistent schedule would do wonders for him. Its breaks our heart, but we feel he would be much happier in a place and situation like that and its unfortunately something we can’t currently provide. 

It might take Moose some time but he will definitely bond with his new owner and become very attached. Moose is so sweet and wanting to be loved. 
Zyra is a 9 month old spayed female border collie/aussie mix.  Her vaccines are up to date. Good with dogs, cats and kids. Her foster mom says she is sweet, smart and very active. Working on house training. 

From Diesel's current family: Our previous dog had been highly energetic, so we were not scared of an active dog. We were, however, ill prepared for the scars that Diesel had suffered from his previous owners.  He has been with us for 8 months and we have seen a ton of progress. We believe to-date that he is almost a year and half. He weighs 62 lbs. He has attended basic training classes. He is a fast learning; he learned how to fetch and bring back a tennis ball in 3 minutes—all based on sounds and commands as well as fetch the paper.
Diesel is a beautiful dog with a gorgeous raccoon tail. He is fun and playful. He is good with children 5 and older. Young children (less than age 3) scare him and he often hides in his crate or exhibits nipping behavior when they visit our house.
We have curbed his nipping, but he will nip when overly excited, nervous, and anxious. We see this behavior occur especially after I return from work or return from picking up my children from school. He occasionally nips when we play with him.
He has warmed up to people tremendously over the last 8 months. He barks when the doorbell rings or sees someone in an adjacent yard and can be territorial, but then is eager to say hello and meet/greet people. This is a huge step forward. I admit that I am still tentative with him when meeting service/delivery people, the mailman, UPS, and FedEx drivers. In a recent incident, he bolted out of our garage and went barking and racing after the mailman’s truck. I was able to call him back, but it was a scary situation.
As noted above, he has become much more trusting of people. He was likely abused prior to staying with us. We see this behavior with men. He still cowers, barks and growls at men, including my husband. He seems to trust women more than men and recognizes those who are “dog” people.
He is highly energetic and requires a vast amount of exercise and play. I walk/run him 45 minutes to 1 hour each morning and he gets a 30-minute walk or ball playing time in the evening. If he is not exercised, he becomes destructive and chews anything in his sight. We give him chew toys, nylabones, and mind games to try and keep him occupied during “off times”.
He appears to play well with other dogs. He plays with the neighbor’s Airedale for a couple of hours a week and I also bring him to doggy-day care to be socialized 1-2 times a week. (I believe he can be intimated by bigger dogs and appears not to like boxers and bulldogs.) I am unsure how is he with cats since he rarely interacts with them. 
He is crate trained and uses his crate as a “safety zone” as well as a place to rest. We crate him when we go to work and at bedtime. I would love to stop crating him, but we do not trust him from chewing up the house or the outside.
He loves food and all types, however, he has a very sensitive stomach. I am unsure if this is linked anxiety or just a wonky stomach micro-biota. I have worked with the vet’s office for the past 6 months trying to figure out a diet that is appropriate. We have settled on dry food two-times per day along with folate daily, probiotics daily, and a B12 shot monthly. If he seems anxious, I give him a Pepcid (15 mg) to settle his stomach. He gets oatmeal as a snack, which assists in firming up his stool. I have also tried homemade snacks, including peanut butter/oatmeal dog cookies. It takes many weeks for him to adjust to new food and most commercially made snacks give him diarrhea.
Given his strength and weight (he is a big cattle dog), he can be a bear to walk. With the initial training classes, I used treats to walk him. That worked wonders, but it was terrible for his stomach. I have since tried various collars. The first five minutes are the most vigorous and difficult and then he settles down into a rhythm. He usually does better with one walker rather than the whole family and he likes consistency, which includes regular morning/afternoon walks. He loves hiking and during those times we let him off leash. He relishes those moments when he gets to run and be free.
He does appear to have an instinct to run after school buses, big vehicles, motorcycles, and bikes. I have continuously worked with him on curbing this habit. He is less inclined to go after bikes, but is still keen to go after large vehicles.
He is a cattle dog that attaches to one individual. He chose me within the first week and is like velco. He refuses to be walked by my husband or children, which has posed many challenges given my work schedule and activities. 
He will make a wonderful companion to a couple or family with large open spaces or a farm where he can work and be occupied daily. He needs consistency and constancy from his owners, which is something that I cannot always provide given my erratic work schedule. He also wants more canine companions. I see how happy he is when he attends doggy-day care. I also feel terrible that he has to be crated; he needs an environment where he can roam freely.
While giving Diesel up will be very difficult for my kids and me, Diesel and my husband have a difficult relationship. We are having to give up Diesel because even after socializing with humans and dogs, Diesel refuses to stop barking at my husband. It is causing a lot of tension for my family.