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Thomas is a border collie/corgi mix.  He is about 9 years old.  He is a character but probably needs an experienced and firm home as he will push limits when permitted.
Opie is a very smart, higher energy Border/Aussie mix. He knows verbal and hand commands for come, sit, stay, heel, roll over, back up, bring me your ball “no, the other ball”, he learns commands often after just a couple instructions, and loves to fetch balls and frisbees. He will be your hiking buddy as he loves the trails and is particularly good off leash but will heel when told to. While very anxious to go on walks, he will chill out with you in the evening. He is neutered and up to date on vaccinations. Being a smart active dog, he does best with plenty of exercise and stimulation such as daily walks, instructions, ball chasing, and going for rides.  
Opie endured some rough times before he came into Herd and has made great progress, however, he still has some food aggression, and over- excitement issues to work out with his forever home. But on his walks, he enjoys meeting other people and friendly dogs. At this time, it is recommended that Opie not be in a home with young children. He has gotten used to our cats but is still a little wary of them when they get close. We think he would be best with an active family where he has a job to do and be in the company of his people. He has been diagnosed with Pannus requiring daily drops in his eyes which he takes very well.

Princess is a 2-3 year old Australian Shepherd/Pyrenees mix.  She has a gorgeous fluffy tail!  Princess may do best in a home with no other dogs as she has some food aggression, but with a little management could be in a home with other dogs as well.  She will need to continue her obedience training and manners in her new home.  She is nervous with new people, but very lovey when she warms up to someone.  This is a girl who wants very much to please and would like to melt your heart with her big puppy-dog eyes.  She likes hikes and lots of treats.
From Dora's current home: We have had Dora for the last six years.  She was about 4 months old when she came to us. 
Dora has many very lovely qualities. She's very nurturing and always keeps an eye on her pack to make sure they are all cared for. She's been excellent with children (we have a two year old daughter), and she's very loving toward all her people. 
The issue we are having is that she started attacking our other female terrier/chihuahua mix shortly before our daughter was born. We have been keeping the dogs separated for the last 3 years. In that time, Dora has lived peacefully with as many as 4 male dogs, all of various breeds, sizes, and ages. While on walks around our neighborhood, Dora is not aggressive when encountering other dogs. In fact, she prefers to avoid other dogs that she meets when we're out and about. She is crate trained, does very well on a leash, and has had some basic obedience training. She has never been exposed to cats so we don't know how she would do with them. She is up to date on all shots, has no known health issues, and just had a dental at the end of February. We think she would do very well in a home as an only dog or with male dogs only. 
​Ranger is a 5 year old Border Collie/Great Pyrenees/Weimeraner/Saluki mix.  He is neutered and weighs about 75-80 lbs.  Ranger is a fairly calm dog who loves hanging out with his person and getting rubs.  He likes going on leashed hikes and soaking in the sun.  Ranger needs a  home with no children.  Due to socialization issues, Ranger needs a home without too much contact with strangers and proper management.
Luna is awesome. She's a 4 yr old, prior owners who got ahold of the shelter told them she's a heeler/husky/aussie/pit mix. She is higher energy. Big fan of people and loves to cuddle. Will bring me her toys to throw all day. I think she'll be a good candidate for a trail running partner. She ran with my roommate today and did great! (Just 2 miles for a start). She does well with other dogs that she knows and lives with but is reactive when she sees unfamiliar dogs. Crates up super easily and loves to ride in the car. I think she's about 45 pounds.  Luna can be obsessive about lights.  Luna has been started in agility classes.

Update: Luna had some medical challenges with her tail which resulted in her needing to have her tail amputated.  She has adjusted well and you would never know she hadn't had her stump her entire life!
Jasper is a smart, active, 2-year old Border Collie who likes to hike, swim, and play fetch! He will snuggle on his own terms - he doesn’t like forced affection - and loves other dogs. He gives the best full body wiggle when he’s excited to see his favorite humans! He knows basic commands (sit, down, touch, leave it, wait, take it, back up, etc.), walks well on a leash, and is not destructive/can be left unattended in the house. He is not very food motivated but would do anything for a ball! He has completed two basic training courses and we would be happy to provide those certifications upon request. 

Jasper is anxious and reactive to loud or startling noises, which peaks at night. He is on a daily anxiety medication which will need to be maintained until further consultation with a vet; it cannot be stopped cold turkey. He currently lives with an indoor/outdoor cat, whom he generally ignores but when he’s scared (see above), he directs his aggression towards. He would be fine with an outdoor or barn cat. Unknown about livestock or horses, he has not been exposed. Jasper struggled with food aggression from age 10 -16 months, but following extensive training with a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, has had no aggression towards people since. We still separate him from the cat during mealtimes. 

We are rehoming him because he has not adjusted well to life with our newborn and has shown concerning, early signs of aggression towards another child. Ideally, his new home is free of young children, has experience addressing anxiety, and is physically / mentally stimulating. We love Jasper dearly, and hope you will too.
Squirrel is a 2 year old border collie.  He needs a little work on housetraining and socialization.  He would do best in a home that is very outdoorsy.  Squirrel needs a home with no cats.  Dogs are fine.

Ms. Peeps
Ms Peeps is a 16 month old mixed breed sweetie.  She likes attention and being told how pretty she is!  She is a bit shy with new people but steadily gaining confidence.  She likes most dogs.  
Rowdy Roo is a 10 month old St Bernard/Heeler/Lab/ Pitbull mix puppy with 14 other breeds mixed in. He is currently 65lbs of wiggle butt. He is a sweet, sensitive puppy that loves people and other dogs once introduced properly. Rowdy does get nervous in new situations and can react but can also be redirected. He's a lot of bluster. His one vice that does have to monitored closely is his possessiveness of high value food items, i.e. bones with other dogs. Rowdy is house trained, kennel trained, walks well on lead, and has been through basic obedience class already. He will need a home that will continue to build up his confidence and be patient with him. This boy has so much potential for someone willing to put the time and energy into him. He loves to go on walks, hikes, car rides, loves to curl up on the couch and cuddle, and his favorite thing is to woooo at you when he's happy or excited...it's the cutest darn thing. If you’re looking for a sweetheart of a boy, that does have his quirks, but are outweighed by the incredible amount love he has to give, Rowdy's your boy!
Brilliant, Benevolent, Beautiful, Bold BADGER

Badger is 2ish years old and is a stunning smooth coat neutered male Border Collie/Border Collie mix. Badger is athletic, alert, energetic, very playful, fun, hard working, loving and incredibly loyal. Badger loves action - and he loves down time cuddling with his people; he is 58 loving pounds of lap dog!! He is an amazing adventure buddy and enthusiastically and joyfully throws himself into any new adventure!! His is curious and bold and not afraid to try new things.

Badger craves learning and is FUN to teach. His intelligence makes him an outstanding student. He is calm enough to listen, and bold and driven enough to try just about anything. He does NOT have noise sensitivity; nor is he reactive. Thunderstorms, fireworks, big machinery, cars, bicycles, hikers, runners, horses, mountain bikes, etc. are not an issue. He calmly passes others on the trail, and in a thunderstorm or on a fireworks night he simply goes to sleep! True to his herding dog genes, Badger loves fetch and soccer. He has some skills; sit, down, shake, wait and he does not bolt through doors or gates. He is also house trained. Badger is NOT a barker! He is a very quiet, though boisterous dog :) 

Badger likes people and generally meets them with cautious reserve and enthusiasm. Badger does well with older children (6+ years) but may be a little too enthusiastic for toddlers. He is gentle, just enthusiastic! :) Badger coexists with 3 Border Collies (2 females & 1 male) in his foster home. Badger would love to play with a rowdy dog. The dogs in his foster home do not enjoy rowdy play so they ignore him; it kind of breaks his heart, but he leaves them alone and creates his own fun. He also lives with a very dog savvy cat. We suspect that if a cat ran, Badger would not be above a good game of chase. He does well around horses.

Badger spent four long months in an overcrowded, understaffed and very noisy municipal shelter. They were good to him and he was a staff favorite. He came out of the experience with his brain and his kindness intact (though he did need some serious decompression time!) The ability to maintain his brain, kindness and goodness in such a stressful environment says more about Badger than anything else could.

Badger is unbelievably loyal to those he gives his heart to, and he wants to give his heart completely and fully without fear of being alone again. He desperately wants someone to be with forever.  

Badger is incredible! He will need continued clear and firm boundaries, daily mental stimulation, daily physical exercise and lots of love to continue to find his best self. His has a medium-high energy level. Badger has an old injury on his left front leg that has left a ‘wonky' bump. He has not shown any lameness or unsoundness on the leg. We have had it x-rayed and the vet feels confident that there are no long term issues and no activity limitations. We will share the x-rays with an approved potential adopter.

Badger gives EVERYTHING he has and will make his family smile and laugh a LOT! His joy and enthusiasm are contagious!
Molly is a one-and-a-half-year-old, 33-pound, very busy, active, smart, sensitive border collie girl. She is learning our routine quickly and starting some basic obedience; she comes, sits, kennels, and picks things up quickly. Morning walks are very good for her, and she heels on leash well even with two other dogs in line. We just started to use a long lead on some of the walks to give her more freedom, and she stays close with the pack, or right beside you. In the larger fenced area, she loves to run all out. Even on a full run she’ll come when we call. After a bit, she’s ready to go back to the smaller yard and settles down for a short while, then back to running around. She is reactive to noises that startle her, and it gets her running around the yard. She’s now coming up to us for hugs and lap time or will bring us a toy to play tugger with or even fetch, a couple of times. Molly’s nervous pouncing at shadows has become much less, we think just being outside, walks, and running around seems to really settle her. In a vehicle we’ve started to kennel her, and after a bit of nervous energy she settles down, until we slow down or turn. At night she kennels well and after a little nervous energy pouncing at shadows she settles down all night.  
At this point we’re very wary of her around the cats as her chase drive is very strong.  
We think Molly would do best with experienced owners, ones that understand how to work with Border Collies on obedience and are ready for a true companion. If she could focus her energy; agility or flyball may be a great exercise for her, she really is an open book ready to learn. 
Timmy is a male minature Aussie mix and weighs around 20 lbs and is 2-3 years old. He was found as a stray in a rural area. He spent weeks on his own. Luckily some good-hearted campers were finally able to capture him and take him to a shelter. He had a nasty gash on his leg. It has healed but left a bit of a scar. Timmy is a sweet soul but does have some trust issues. He loves attention and follows me everywhere. He will startle if I move too quickly. He loves other dogs, and would do best with other canine friends around. He lives peacefully in the house with 2 cats, though will chase our shop cat, if it runs. Timmy needs someone who is patient and willng to give him time to show his real personality. He loves car rides and hiking. He is house-trained and current on vaccinations. 
Lupa is an 8 month old Border Collie.  She is a sweet girl, but pretty skittish and easily startled.  She is good with cats and dogs!

Bonita and the muchachos
From the current owner:  River is a 3 year old cattledog who had a challenging start but has grown so much since I found her at 3 months old. She is housebroken and can wait more than 12 hours reliably and has never chewed or damaged anything in the house. She loves snow, water, swimming, hiking, running, other dogs, toys, her people, diesel trucks, and fetch. Did I mention she loves water!?!
River will not run away from her owner and does not need to be fenced in at home. She is a good security guard. She will follow and lead in the back country and never gives up on a long trail - you can’t loose her! She will run next to a bike and likes the dog park. 
River’s challenge is fear; she must be introduced to new people slowly. She has ‘stranger danger’ and will need special attention. Once a person is in her pack she lights up to see them. Most of the time it takes several visits for her to feel safe with someone new. She is afraid of children and of most strangers who try to touch her. If a new person ignores her and let’s her approach them, she warms up faster, and occasionally will let a new person pet her right away. 
I spend most of my time alone with her and she does very well like that. I moved from living on acreage, where she would spend all of her time outside playing, into a small place where she can hear people through the walls and it makes her bark. 
River and I have taken care of each other alone for years. I’m never afraid walking anywhere with her. She is calm in the house and does best when she has regular exercise. She is overly protective of the vehicle and needs work to calm down when strangers approach the car. She wants to go everywhere and do everything with her person. 
I live in a place that is attached to neighbors on both sides. I am working constantly and am unable to exercise her the way I have for years. I’m hoping to find her a new home and willing to make a slow transition.