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Rook is a fun loving and active dog. He is 3 years old. His mother is a purebred Border Collie and it is presumed that his father is a Yellow Lab. Rook loves to chew on a good bone or go for a jog. He loves, LOVES, loves to swim and is an amazing companion. Rook also loves to play ball and retrieve.  He would be a good companion for a young single guy. Rook needs a home with a strong/comfortable owner. He does not do well with other dogs and needs to be in a one dog only family. He is incredibly loving and will always stay by your side proud to be your dog.  Rook is neutered and current on vaccinations.
Wrigley is a 4 year old neutered Australian Shepherd with a tail.  Wrigley's disposition is sort of "grumpy old man" mixed with "silly puppy."  He likes going for walks and hanging out, but likes to do things in his own way and at his own pace.  Wrigley would do best in a home with no cats and no children.  Doesn't he look better all cleaned up and groomed?
Jill is a 2 year old Australian Cattledog / Border Collie mix.   She is a very active, inquisitive girl.  She is a petite girl, maybe 30 lbs.  She is SO smart.  She loves to wrestle non-stop with her dog buddies.  She will need a busy home to keep up with her.
Ethel is a 3 year old Australian Cattledog mix.  She came to us as a feral dog and has come so far, but still needs a very special person to commit to her and keep working with her on socialization.
Quirk is a 1-2 year old Border Collie mix.  He has an endearing expression and a sweet personality.  He is pretty shy with people but clearly wants to be involved with them.  He is good with other dogs and fine with cats with a proper introduction.  Oh, and did we mention the cutest ears?  Quirk is neutered and current on vaccinations.
Thomas is a border collie/corgi mix.  He is about 2 years old.  He is a character but probably needs an experienced and firm home as he will push limits when permitted.
Eve is a 2-1/2 year old Blue Heeler mix, spayed, up-to-date on shots and micro chipped. Her love of people will melt your heart the first time you meet her. Her love literally has no boundaries. She LOVES squeaky toys and some tug of war. When rescued she did have a broken front leg, and will need time to build the muscle and strength back in that leg. She has a lot of energy, so as she heals I am sure she would be a great outdoor companion. Eve is being fostered with 6 other dogs, 2 cats and 2 teenagers. Eve is crate trained and is quiet as a mouse in them. She has also received basic obedience training, walks on a leash, and is house trained. She will do great with someone who can love her to pieces, but be able to let her know there are boundaries. She tends to listen to males better than females, so a female might have to show a little more authority. As typical with all my heelers, she is good with inside cats and can be distracted if she decides they need her attention, but outside cats, and rabbits are fair game. Eve loves to play with other dogs, but would need to have a meet and greet with a potential sibling to ensure their play style matches.

Rhee is a 2-year old Australian Cattledog mix and she weighs 30 lbs. She is the dog with the “most”. She is the most affectionate, most playful, most smart, most energetic, and can get in the most trouble if she doesn’t get enough exercise. She loves people and loves to play with other dogs. She’s house-trained and knows how to use a dog door. We take her to the dog park about every other day to keep her energy level down. She also runs in a field and she follows our black lab everywhere. She knows basic commands, (sit, stay, place, come, down). Her quirks are that she barks at noisy things like vacuum cleaners, motorcycles, and hair dryers. She loves people and will be right next to you every morning to give you a wake-up kiss. She gets along great with kids, but very small children may be intimidated by her energy. 
Genny is a young female heeler cross. She is ever so sweet and loves her people. She is well behaved and low to moderate energy. Genny is house broken, walks on a leash well and knows sit.  Genny crates well and is a love to have around.  NO CATS.
​Jerry came to me completely terrified of everything and really didn’t want to give humans a second chance to hurt him again, thankfully time is healing those wounds. He has come a long way with his confidence in the short couple of months that he has been here. He absolutely loves other dogs and does great around my two cats, now that he isn’t afraid of them. He seems to ignore horses for the most part but seems a little too interested in birds. He does take a little bit to warm up to new people because of his mistrust and is still very afraid of children. He has shown zero aggression with his fear but I feel only an older child will work for him. The one thing that his past was unable to break was his heart of gold, he is literally one of the sweetest dogs I have ever had the pleasure of loving! He has a lot of energy to burn and will require regular exercise but really settles down inside and is wonderfully behaved. He absolutely hated being kenneled but he is a very good boy when left home alone and at night. His very smart and has learned how to jump our 5 foot fence so he cannot be left unattended in a fenced yard. He doesn’t go anywhere he just doesn’t like to feel trapped. Jerry just wants love and patience. The right family must be willing to work to gain his trust, he doesn’t give it freely, but the work you put in he will return 10 fold!!
Anastasia is a 7 month old chihuahua mix.  "I'm a very playful pup and love exploring everything from sticks in the yard to pieces of food hidden in a kong!  I love playing with my foster siblings, especially the ones around my own size (10lbs). I have some very big ears and am using them to learn new things like "sit" and "down."  I'm very good about being in my crate and like to sleep in there with my cozy blankets and a chew toy. I'm very energetic and love to play but am also ready to snuggle whenever you are! I'm really hoping to find my forever home and people who will help me learn what it's like to be part of a family!"
Hi, my name is Snickers and I'm a very sweet 5 month old female Chihuahua mix I may not be a great herding dog but I have a lot going for me! I love snuggling and having my belly rubbed and ears scratched. I snuggle very nicely with my little foster dog friends and am getting used to the big golden retriever I live with. I'm definitely new to being around people and will curl up when I get frightened but I'm coming out of my shell and am going to be an amazing family member if someone will give me the opportunity
Molli is a 7 year old spayed female border collie.  
Stanlee is a handsome and happy boy of about 11 months and 48 pounds. Stan has a great zest for life; some of the things that he likes include: playing with other dogs, car rides, toys, running, cats, snuggling with people and treats to name just some. Stan would do best with an active family, or person, with other dogs or visits with other dogs.

Stan is house trained and is trustworthy left loose in the house. Stan is an all-around fun dog that will be a wonderful addition to a lucky adopter’s home!

Harper is a 9 month old beagle mix.  Harper is great with cats and dogs big and small. She loves attention and being with her family. We expect her to do well with people of all ages. Harper loves to go on walks and play with other dogs. Little Harper is doing a good job with house training. Her favorite toys are tennis balls, squeaker toys and fluffy toys. A great puppy looking for a family to call her own!  Harper has separation anxiety and would do best in a home where she can be with her people all the time.  She currently goes to the office every day and is a super mellow office dog.
Clover is about three and a half years old (approximate birthdate May 2013) and is most likely a spaniel mix. She is a sweet, affectionate dog. She is loyal and kind to her family. She does not bark or act aggressive toward strangers who come to the door.  She does okay with dogs that she is introduced to slowly and in a controlled manner and likes to play with dogs her own size once she becomes familiar with them. Clover  will do best in a home with older children or no children at all. Younger kids make her anxious and she has a history of nipping them. She can be quite stong-willed. She needs a 6 foot fence.  She knows several commands: Sit, Down, Bed, Leave it, Wait, Kennel.

Adopt a friendly, playful, snuggly puppy!   Born approximately May 1, 2016, Zachary is just over 6 months old.  He is about 25 lbs so shouldn't be over 35 to 40 lbs full grown.  He is very social, but still a puppy so will need some training and manners still.  Zachary will be a great family pet.

Adopt a friendly, playful, snuggly puppy!   Born approximately May 1, 2016, Grover is about 25 lbs at just over 6 months so we expect he will weigh between 30 and 40 lbs full grown.  He is incredibly intelligent and very social.  Imagine how fun he would be to teach tricks to!

Zoey is 4 years old and is probably a border collie mix. Her current home feels she needs a more active family. Her personality is a little unsettled and anxious.  She is very protective of their other dog and can be somewhat reactive on walks.  However, she has warmed up to other dogs when introduced to them away from the other dog and in a one on one situation. They babysat another dog and she loved to play with him all week! She is extremely playful. She is very active so an active young puppy/dog maybe the best fit for her in her new home.
She is very sweet and loves to snuggle at night. She has a tender heart and a very mischievous smile.  She picks up on things quickly and knows sit, stay, lay down, and she dances. She loves TREATS. She is getting better at not jumping up on guests and if she is on a leash at the door she is very obedient. If we give her a treat she will calm down after friends have arrived or at parties. Or she will stay on a leash next to us and she is very good. Loves people and is good with well-mannered older children. They have not had the opportunity to have her around babies. She loves to sleep on the bed and on the couch but knows she has to be on a blanket. 
She loves to be outside and loves to play in the snow, so a fenced yard would be great, but she is an indoor dog. She is growing accustomed to cats, so can tolerate them, but we cant be sure how fast she would warm up to new ones.  She is spayed. 
... and here is a picture of her recording her first album: Who Let the Dogs Out.

Meet Shanna the Love Sponge! This sweet mixed breed came to HeRD  as a stray so little is known about her past. Shanna is flashy, fun, and  ready for a family to call her own! Shanna is estimated to be two years or slightly younger as of November 2016 and weighs 40 pounds. This confident social butterfly just wants to be with people! She bonded immediately with her foster parent, follows her around everywhere. She loves to snuggle and shower you with kisses and will sit right next to you. While her shelter intake form indicated she does not do well with some dogs, her temporary foster home in Roswell indicated she did okay with their neutered male and was getting better with their female dog after a few days. Since she has arrived at HeRD and after a two week, slow introduction, thus far she is doing great with two resident female dogs. She has been introduced to cats while leashed and/or crated and so far does well, no reaction when seeing the dog savvy cats. Children are unknown and because of her energy level and tendency to jump up on people, small children would not be the best match for this girl. Shanna absolutely loves toys, especially the squeaky toys along with interactive toys and treat filled Kong’s – she is a smart girl. She’s a moderately high energy girl who will need a good chunk of vigorous exercise daily to be at her best. She has a great off switch inside after exercise.  Shanna also has some skills – she is housetrained and learning to crate easily. Shanna sleeps in her crate at night and does well in crate when foster parent is away from home. In just a short time she has learned how to sit while taking treats gently and is in the process of learning down along with working on her recall. She loves to run and explore so a solid recall is a must. She needs work walking politely on a leash, but an Easy Walk Harness should help with that. She does like to investigate the counter tops. Continued training in the basics and beyond will help Shanna become the outstanding canine citizen she can be. All in all, Shanna is a wonderfully happy, outgoing, total mush of a dog. If you are looking for a marvelously affectionate and devoted friend, Shanna with the big smile may be the girl for you. Shanna is fully vetted, on heartworm preventative and microchipped.

Darling is a 9 month old BC mix. Great with dogs and kids. Darling is looking for her forever family to help her learn all the basics. This young lady has had a rough start, but is full of love and acceptance. More to come as we get to know her better. 
Kate - Adoption Pending

​Kate is a beautiful young Australian shepherd or Aussie mix with a tail, about 1.5 years old. She weighs about 45 pounds and is a moderate to high energy dog. Kate just arrived and is adjusting very well to living in a foster home. She has a very sweet and happy personality and she gets along great with dogs and cats. She is very people focused, and seems to get along well with people of all ages. Kate is house trained, crate trained and walks very well on a leash. She indicates when she needs to go outside and has not shown any interest in trying to jump the fence. She loves to go for walks and hikes and would make a great running partner. Kate is eager to please and easy to train with treats. She is currently working on learning basic commands and would love to continue to do so.