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Ways to Help

HeRD of WY, Inc depends on willing individuals to make rescue of herding breed dogs happen. 

Foster Homes
Our biggest need is for individuals and families to act as foster homes, welcoming a dog or dogs into your family for anywhere from a few days, to many months. We offer various forms of support to our volunteer foster homes and strive to make it a positive experience for everyone involved! If you are interested in becoming a foster home, please fill out our adoption application and when prompted, indicate that you are interested in being a foster home.

Transportation is always needed to help us move dogs from the shelters to their foster homes. Please let us know if you are interested in serving as a transporter.

Application Processing
We try very hard to find appropriate homes for each of our dogs, so our application process is fairly labor intensive. We are actively recruiting volunteers to help with application processing by competing reference checks and home visits.

HeRD of WY is always happy to accept donations of dog supplies, new or used. Crates, leashes, collars, shampoo, dog food, towels and blankets, etc. are happily accepted. Monetary donations are also accepted and are applied directly to the care of our animals, usually for veterinary expenses. 

If preferred, donations may be made in memorial to a special pet or person. You can donate with PayPal through the Donate link, or send a check.

If interested in participating in these ways, please email for more information. 

Special Thanks to the Following Donors:

Lorretta Mannix
Pam Adams
Mrs. Tammy Kelly ~ In honor of Scout and Sunny
The Charitable Giving Card Program of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
From Forgotten to Forever
Alan Skari
ResQ Walk
Courtney Teasdale
Peggy Burtis ~ In loving memory of Wayne Whetham
Virginia Yates
Maureen Hyland
Christine MacGregor
Loretta Mento
Gisela Shanahan
David Babcock
EO Haymond
Wendy LeGault
Nisha Cherian
Nance Woodward
Catherine Moynihan
Marlene Zandell
Network for Good
Bruce Margolius
Sue Mills ~ In memory of Jasper
Robert & Kayte Simpson
Fred Lifton
Sharon Steffan
EMIT Technologies
Erin Mayo, Larry Frenkel, & Sharon Mayo in memory of Zook
Jon Morris ~ In memory of Sydney
Wilson Wampler ~ In honor of John Strobel
Progressive Insurance Foundation
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Wendy MacColl
Amazon Smile Foundation
Lindsey Cramer
Chris Cooke
Christine Pietras
Mudcracked Art ~ In Memory of Sydney
Cody Mikle ~ In Memory of Sydney
Clint Ralston ~ In Memory of Sydney
Jon Salmon ~ In Memory of Charlie
Meghann McKenna ~ In Memory of Charlie
Ron Hollis ~ In memory of Emma
Jed Chism ~ In memory of Sydney 
Emily Heitzmann
Sharon Steffan
Colleen Weisert
Chris Kline
Christopher Dunlap ~ In memory of Sydney 
Wendy Feldman ~ In memory of Charlie
Martha Dorland ~ In memory of Sydney 
Troy Merkle ~ In memory of Sydney
Gary Davis
Edis Kittrell
Patty Pare
Jawn Ross ~ In memory of Maika
Your Cause/Wells Fargo
Cory McCann
Evelynn Pinney
Barb Kari ~ In memory of Randy Wood
Patricia Griffith
Joslyn Lovelace
Rachel Edney
Michael Ryan
Barbara Kelsall
Emily Heitzmann
Cynthia Kennedy
Daria Mills
Wendy Eder & Andy Simpson
Cheryl Newberry ~ In memory of Angel and Beau
Tim Sullivan
Tara Carroll ~ In honor of Pablo
Susan Turner
Christine Cooke
Julie MacLeod ~ In celebration of Connor MacLeod
Peter Rein
Thomas Winston
Sarah Hann
Kristol McKie
Samuel Massman
Wendy Lomeli
Annette Sowl ~ In honor of Lago

Lee Hill
Emily Heitzmann
Hope Lemler
Robert & Kayte Simpson
Alan Skari
Chuck & Jane Amdahl
Curt Vogel
Alan Montoya ~ In memory of Sydney
Brandon Carter ~ In memory of Sydney
Jene Steff ~ In memory of Sydney
Mike & Bonnie Benov
Charles Morris
Katleyn McDonough ~ In memory of Sydney
Cody White
Madeline Wagnecht ~ In memory of Sydney
 Drew Ryan ~ In memory of Sydney
Ed Almeida ~ In memory of Sydney
Mudcracked Art ~ In honor of Pat Antuzzi
Amazon Smile
Cindy Beck ~ In memory of Sydney
Keitch Cicero
Nita Boehm
Kelsie Barrett
Scott Holmes ~ In memory of Sydney
Rock Chalk Cabs
Jon Fesler
Pat Antuzzi
Scott McCawley ~ In memory of Sydney
Paul Browder ~ In memory of Sydney
Forrest Black ~ In memory of Sydney
Braedon Engle ~ In memory of Sydney
Leslee Olsen
Derek Werner ~ In memory of Sydney
Sharon Steffan
New York Life Insurance
Micaela McKenna
Susie Booth
Joel Robinson - In memory of Sydney
Robert Wunderlich ~ In memory of Sydney
Jon Fesler ~ In memory of Sydney
Barbara Berg ~ In loving memory of Lila Berg
Courtney Bull ~ In memory of Sydney
John and Sue Mills ~ In memory of Stickeen Coyote Mills
Barbara Veal  ~ In memory of Piper
Christine Cooke
Lisa Friesecke
Christine Tolman  ~ In memory of Curly
Carol Looper
Jennifer Barnes
James Coleman
Nancy Hatton
Anne Hansen
Colleen Weisert
Shari Massey
Network for Good
Richard & Julie Harper
Amy Green
Deb Reub
Jamie Bridge ~ In memory of Rascal
Wendy Eder
Brian Bigley
Ryan Sobecki
Barb Kari ~ In memory of Randy Wood
Chuck and Radar Amdahl
Gary Davis and Riley
Tim Sullivan
Emily Rice
Dean Neprud
Barbara Kelsall ~ In memory of Pixie
Colleen Weisert
Catharine Spreights ~ For Ann & Jinx; In memory of Mitti, Meg, Tam, Beck
​Barbara Berg
Edis Kittrell
Cheryl Newberry
​Sharon Steffan
Rebecca Baldasaro
Jawn Ross ~ In memory of Maika
Michael Ryan
Daria Mills ~ Celebrating 5 years with "Blue"
Janette and Chris Thomas
Jennifer Howland

2019 Calendars now available for $22.  Please email for details:  wyoasr@gmail.com
Special Thanks to the Chris Joubert Memorial Fund for their generous donation:

~In Loving Memory of 
Christopher "Chris" Joubert 
 who loved his 3 aussies~