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Ways to Help

HeRD of WY, Inc depends on willing individuals to make rescue of herding breed dogs happen. 

Foster Homes
Our biggest need is for individuals and families to act as foster homes, welcoming a dog or dogs into your family for anywhere from a few days, to many months. We offer various forms of support to our volunteer foster homes and strive to make it a positive experience for everyone involved! If you are interested in becoming a foster home, please fill out our adoption application and when prompted, indicate that you are interested in being a foster home.

Transportation is always needed to help us move dogs from the shelters to their foster homes. Please let us know if you are interested in serving as a transporter.

Application Processing
We try very hard to find appropriate homes for each of our dogs, so our application process is fairly labor intensive. We are actively recruiting volunteers to help with application processing by competing reference checks and home visits.

HeRD of WY is always happy to accept donations of dog supplies, new or used. Crates, leashes, collars, shampoo, dog food, towels and blankets, etc. are happily accepted. Monetary donations are also accepted and are applied directly to the care of our animals, usually for veterinary expenses. 

If preferred, donations may be made in memorial to a special pet or person. You can donate with PayPal through the Donate link, or send a check.

If interested in participating in these ways, please email for more information. 

Special Thanks to the Following Donors:

Mark McKie
Amy Mehl ~ In memory of Buddy Hannig
Emily Heitzmann
Alan Skari
Lenna Gregory
Janette Thomas
Jordan Perr-Sauer
Charles Amdahl
ResQ Walk
George Smith
Susan McGrath Nelson
Carol & Bob Tschiemer
Mary Ann Norman
Amy Mehl ~ In Memory of Buddy Hannig
Christine Tolman
Teran Porter
Carol Thomas-Looper
Kay & Curtis Steinle
Amazon Smile
Mary Meyer
Melissa Burant Photography
Neil & Joan Ganz
Daria Mills ~ In Memory of Blue
Mudcracked Art
Sharon Steffan
Timothy Grollmes
Rita McClain
Jess Hinkle
Patricia Rustanius
Sue & John Mills
Charlotte McKinney
Amanda Smith
Lee Hill
Marjon Pekelharing
Network for Good/Facebook Donations
Leslee Olsen
Sam Georgen
Marilyn Brandt ~ In Memory of Dusty
Center for a Vital Community/Amy Albrecht ~ In memory of Zoe
John Foster ~ In memory of Charlie
Christine Cooke
Jennifer Thompson
Joost DeGouw & Marike Dechesne
Emily Strawser
Nancy Woodruff
Paul Malone
Chanelle Adams
Kevin O'Hare
Nancy Kinkade
Loretta Remington
Patricia Corbetta
Colleen Weisert
Alison Harder
Carla Van Siclen
Sue and John Mills ~ In memory of Penny Ohm Lifton
Elizabeth Lindsay
Rebecca Price
Liz Taintor
Julie MacLeod
Black Bard Giving Fund
Erin Haugen
Virginia Mathys
Sarah Hann
Sarah Dramstad
Drue Bralove ~ In memory of Gary Davis
Carla Hubbard
Maria Katherman
Wyoming Counseling Inc.
Gerald Headley ~ In memory of Mary Beth
John Gresh
Janette Thomas
Michael Ryan
Barb Berg
Peter Rein
Andres Malo ~ In honor of Kari Littrel
Brenda Nordlund
Wendy Eder

Michele Vyhlidal
Natalia Tingle​
Mudcracked Art

2021 Calendars now available for $22.  Please email for details:  wyoasr@gmail.com
Cynthia Kruse 
In Memory of Dr Susan Klein: